We have heard of many entrepreneurs starting business, however, not every entrepreneur succeeds in their business endeavor. Entrepreneurship is about adapting to the ever-changing market conditions, overcoming obstacles, and gaining insight into the changing demands of the market. Ever since the pandemic had spread its wings and social distance rules avoided the physical workspace, countless business empires have collapsed. On the other hand, the pandemic spurred some firms to innovate and find new ways to propel themselves forward.

It was just a matter of time until they made a name for themselves by capitalizing on the tragedy. One amongst them is the 21-year-old Rahul Maradiya, the youngest co-founder of an International Crypto Exchange.

Rahul Mardiya
Rahul Mardiya

The Initiation

Rahul Maradiya has gone a long way from being a dreamy-eyed student whose childhood was conventional like any of the boys of his age. Using his confidence and commitment to his interest for emerging technologies he decided to start an international crypto exchange along with his father. He transformed an endeavor into a dominant participant in the marketplace. His narrative started while still in college, working for his degree.

He had a bright career ahead of him in the academic arena. Instead of going for his Master’s, he decided to stick to his crypto firm and was fascinated by blockchain technology. His family was quite supportive of his endeavors and this allowed him to further his interests towards crypto technologies.

As a tech enthusiast and follower of new trends and technologies, Rahul Maradiya believed that the crypto space is ever exploding and it’s there to stay for years to come. Rahul decided to translate his dream of pursuing his own venture by nurturing an international crypto exchange. He enrolled in self-study courses to better comprehend the intricacies of the business. In addition, he encouraged his colleagues by reassuring them that they were not on a sinking ship.

Eyeing for the Future

Rahul considers himself to be more of a learner than a businessperson, despite the fact that he has some commercial aspirations of his own. He is a firm believer that cryptocurrency may assist a person in a way that no other programme can. As a result, he believes that blockchain technology should be available to everyone, particularly those who are vulnerable.

His Vision For CIFDAQ

Rahul emphasizes the need of creating attainable objectives for one’s future self as a result of the fact that blockchain will not impose any restrictions on people in the future, they will be free to pursue their interests. In order to achieve this, he plans to develop the crypto-blockchain and for reaching out to a wider audience. He has also tried incorporating social media space by keeping a tab on new trends in blockchain technology.

With the goal of slowly growing pillar to pillar with his father Himanshu Maradiya, who happens to be the Founder of CIFDAQ. Together they gave the world a mixed breed, cross-asset, integrated trading platform allowing traders to trade fantasy pairs such as equities, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. He believes that one day it will be at the top of its game in terms of NFTs, virtual trading, digital media, marketing, and among other things.

The Way Forward

During the first couple of years, he had implemented significant modifications in the company’s structure and expedited digitization and blockchain initiatives. Rahul Maradiya and his team are putting in a lot of effort to ensure that the blockchain quality meets extremely high crypto exchange requirements. And he believes that as a result, the company will achieve tremendous success in the future.

Rahul concludes saying,Crypto space will only grow and many new avenues will be generated. It’s a matter of time how entrepreneurs, traders and investors will strategize and make this space profitable like never before. I love to take one step at a time and would love to understand and dig deep into the systems. I intend to take the plunge in every opportunity before me.”