Tourism is one of the sectors most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, impacting economies, livelihoods, public services and opportunities on all continents. With airplanes on the ground, hotels closed and travel restrictions implemented, travel and tourism industry are struggling to cope up. However, with ease in restrictions many travel & tourism companies are coming back to action with offbeat locations coupled with customized packages.

TourOn has been able to survive this tide and is offering its services to help people travel even during the pandemic. The advantage of having them onboard as ‘tour planners’ is that they are conversant with minor details since they deal with varied destinations and are updated with the changing guidelines. As your tour planners, they provide you with a comprehensive list of what & what’s not needs to be followed for that destination, best time to get your flights by which they save time & energy for rest of your days in the tour. They understand the preference of their travellers and offer them complete clarity before their travel to allow them a seamless experience.TorurOn is a Tour Planning company which is completely different from regular packaging company. They create a unique travel plan for every traveller in line with their preferences. While a dedicated team understands the need, a planning team sets forth in action to devise a plan fulfilling customer need. The point of contact for the traveller is restricted to only one person throughout the trip which reduce the hassles of connecting for support. It is similar to having a personalized travel assistant for anytime support.

Founded in August of 2018, TourOn has since planned and lead more than 689 dream tours. Vikash Manoharan, Founder of TourOn, is a travel enthusiast and founded this platform to enable others to realize their wanderlust goals. TourOn envisions to make every tour Oner’s to have proper travelling experience like an avid traveller. The world has so much to offer and traveling allows one to meet people of different cultures, with diverse traditions and distinctive lifestyles. TourOn wants their travellers to have this enriching experience instead of traditional packages with guides following their route. At TourOn, travellers are wild & free at any destination with all information at hand to explore and with a backup support.
“I was checking for Maldives options since December with Vikash and we informed the dates by Jan end. Even though there were multiple back and forth discussions, clarifications, modifications, Vikash handled it very patiently and answered each and everything. We are at the verge of cancelling the trip two weeks before due to the pandemic second wave and new travel restrictions. But Vikash ensured us to have a safe and smooth trip. He did everything with utmost care”, says one of their patrons.
Due to the pandemic, people are tending to feel suffocated by being inside homes for a longer time. Even now, people are travelling to destination once the lockdown restrictions are lifted. The pandemic gave the TourOn team a clear picture that life is just not about earning, one needs to step out, open their wings and see the world as much as they can. Travel market will flourish with more destinations picking up in wider spaces – both inbound and outbound.
“We live only once and we better live at the fullest. Earth has so much to offer and we will have to just make use of it without offending or taking too much advantage. We need more companies focusing on sustainable & environmental travelling focusing on delivering enhancing travelling experiences”, concludes Vikash, founder of TourOn.