At a product launch event, Huawei Technologies revealed the MatePad Pro 13.2 tablet and announced the launch of the ultra-luxury “Ultimate Design” brand, which comprises the Mate 60 RS smartphone and a watch. Analysts and users have complimented the Mate 60 Pro for its Chinese-made chip and 5G capabilities, despite the fact that information about the Mate 60 smartphone series was not published.

The Huawei product

In anticipation of later disclosing more information about its new Mate 60 smartphone series, Huawei Technologies (HWT.UL) opened a product launch event on Monday by praising China for its support. This tech titan has been affected by U.S. sanctions.

The Mate 60 series, which was quietly introduced last month, has been praised by Chinese state media as proof that Huawei has surmounted U.S. sanctions, which have prevented it from accessing cutting-edge chip making equipment since 2019 and have severely hampered its smartphone business.

The Mate 60 Pro is said to have a Chinese-made silicon and be capable of 5G speeds, according to consumers and analysts who purchased it. Huawei has largely remained silent regarding the full capabilities of the Mate 60 series.

In his opening remarks at the presentation on Monday, Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, expressed his “special gratitude to the entire nation for their tremendous support, especially since the (Mate 60 Pro) Pioneer Program was launched.”

The slogan “far, far ahead” has become popular on Chinese social media since the launch of the Mate 60 Pro as a critique of Huawei’s competitiveness. Audience members yelled it while Yu spoke.

“Since our products hit the market, they have been highly accepted and trusted by everyone. We have to manufacture more quickly so that more people can purchase our products, Yu stated at the event, which was aired live across Huawei stores, 156 local media outlets, and Chinese social media platforms from a stadium in Shenzhen.

The MatePad Pro 13.2 tablet product launch and the debut of a new ultra-luxury brand named “Ultimate Design,” whose goods include the Mate 60 RS smartphone and a timepiece, were both announced by Yu.

Numerous customers at Huawei’s flagship store in Beijing watched the event on a large screen and cheered when Yu took the stage.

On the second anniversary of Huawei rotating Chairwoman Meng Wanzhou’s return to China, the celebration is held.

Following a nearly three-year incarceration due to allegations that companies connected to Huawei tried to transfer technology to Iran in violation of American sanctions, she was released in 2021.

The drama surrounding extradition became a point of contention between Beijing and Washington. After coming to an arrangement with U.S. prosecutors, Meng, the daughter of Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei, was permitted to go back to her native country.