According to research, 81 percent of Indian recruiting managers believe text-based resumes will become outdated over the next five years. Hiring managers are concerned because nearly half of the resumes they get include either too much content or too many pages long.

Despite what hiring managers desire, 67% of job applicants have updated the content on their resumes but have not addressed the requirement for visual features, according to a poll conducted by the visual communication platform Canva.

While the majority of Indian job seekers are content with the appearance of their resumes (62%), applicants should be aware that 7 in 10 hiring managers prefer more interactive resumes with visual components such as photographs and graphics (66%) and colors (61%).

Canva commissioned Sago to conduct a poll of 5,000 hiring managers and 5,000 job seekers from India, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Mexico, and Brazil to better understand how applicant screening has evolved and why it is critical to embrace design to stand out.

Furthermore, 84% of Indian hiring managers favor candidates with digital portfolios over those without. India’s job searchers have risen to the occasion, adopting digital portfolios the most (52% across all markets). 93 percent of Indian hiring managers feel candidates may utilize generative AI to improve their resumes or application materials.

Job searchers are increasingly using generative AI for their application materials. Nearly two-thirds (74 percent) of job searchers in India admit to using generative AI for their resumes. 82 percent say it simplifies the resume-building process, saves time (72%), and allows them to be more creative.

With such a significant influence on their job hunt, 92 percent of job seekers are likely to utilize generative AI again to create or update their CVs.

The disruptive influence of graphics and generative AI on the employment environment is becoming increasingly obvious, with both hiring managers and job seekers adopting them to improve the recruitment process. Our findings show that creativity and the use of Gen AI have significantly reduced barriers for job seekers in developing their professional brands, helping them to stand out from the throng and secure their ideal jobs. Hiring managers in India have also demonstrated flexibility in incorporating generative AI to increase innovation, leading to an improvement in the quality of talent talks moving ahead,” stated Amy Schultz, Global Head of Talent Acquisition.