Indian automobile giant Tata Motors, is all set to invest more than a billion dollars into manufacturing of commercial vehicles.

After starting the manufacturing of electric vehicles, now Tata Motors is all set to invest into CVs (commercial vehicles). The largest truck manufacturing company in the country will spend this huge amount into recrafting their roadmaps in the next 4-5 years, with electric vehicles as its main attention. 

The company is ahead of every other company in the market of passenger EVs and will now focus on commercial EVs. Girish Wagh, executive director of the commercial vehicles business at the Tata Motors said, “ Tata Motors wants to lead and drive electrification in the marketplace just as it did with the conventional powertrains in the past.” He said the company will be focusing on a variety of technologies. From short ranged battery operated vehicles for smaller distances to gas based fuel-cell electric vehicles for a longer range. He added that much before that, the shift towards CNG will be quick.

The shift towards CNG is a sign that the shift towards EVs will happen soon as people are ready for a change. According to Wagh, the shift towards electric commercial vehicles will take time but the shift towards CNG based commercial vehicles has already started. Although Wagh did not confirm the amount of investment and called such talks, “speculation”.