The UAE continues to strengthen its position as a global leader in sustainable infrastructure development with the ongoing expansion of its national rail network. In the latest milestone, Etihad Rail – the company managing the UAE’s railway system – has introduced integrated ticketing with Nol cards, the popular cashless payment cards used for Dubai’s public transport network. 

According to officials, the new system will allow passengers to seamlessly purchase rail tickets and pay fares using their existing Nol cards. This integration forms part of Etihad Rail’s efforts to develop an efficient, interconnected mass transit ecosystem that provides commuters with affordable and convenient mobility options. Users will be able to top up their Nol cards online or at terminals across the UAE, with funds then available to pay for bus, metro and train journeys on a single card.

The introduction of Nol-Etihad Rail interoperability is slated to launch initially on the route connecting Dubai to Fujairah in 2023. This stretch incorporates nine passenger stations and is a crucial part of Etihad Rail’s passenger network that will link all seven emirates over 4,000 kilometers of track once fully operational by 2030. Passengers will be able to check timetables, live arrival/departure updates and purchase tickets directly from the Nol app.

Etihad Rail’s CEO highlighted the strategic importance of integrating different modes of public transport, especially as population and urbanization continues to rise rapidly in the UAE. With seamless payment and transit options, the goal is to encourage more people to opt for greener rail travel and reduce automobile dependency. Integrating Nol cards also builds on Dubai’s vision of becoming a fully digitized, cashless economy. 

The introduction of a unified ticketing system exemplifies how infrastructure projects are enhancing quality of life in the UAE. Residents and visitors can look forward to stress-free, convenient journeys whether commuting within cities or traveling between emirates. As the national rail network expands reach, integrated payment solutions will be crucial to boost ridership over time. With its commitment to sustainable mobility and smart infrastructure, the UAE is setting a strong example for other nations to emulate.

In summary, Etihad Rail has introduced integrated ticketing with Nol cards for the UAE’s national rail network, allowing passengers to pay fares using the popular cashless payment cards for Dubai’s public transport. This will provide a seamless travel experience when the system connects all seven emirates with over 4000km of track by 2030.