According to research by Brand Finance, the multi-industry conglomerate Tata Group, which produces everything from salt to software, has maintained its title as India’s most valuable brand and has surpassed the $25 billion threshold. The worldwide brand value consultancy performs this task each year. Infosys, a significant player in the IT industry, is still in second place.

With their combined value reaching $2 trillion since the latest estimate on January 1, 2022, India’s top 100 most valuable brands have shown growth despite the post-pandemic landscape and geopolitical uncertainty, according to Brand Finance. To create the Brand Finance 100 2023 study, over 250 Indian brands were evaluated using publicly available data.

The Tata group in particular has seen a 10.3% increase in brand value over the previous year, bringing the total to $26.4 billion. Any Indian brand has never before achieved such a high valuation, but this is the first. According to the announcement, “The Tata Group is the only Indian brand to feature in the top 100 of the Brand Finance Global 500 2023, increasing seven ranks in 2023.” Savio D’Souza, Director of Brand Finance, attributed the group’s recent strategic change to its adoption of digitalization and exploitation of technology across a wide range of its broad portfolio. “The organization has long been a pioneer in promoting community welfare and sustainability, setting a precedent even before it became a popular idea on a global scale. According to our first global sustainability perceptions assessment, the Tata Group has accomplished the incredible feat of being placed 49th globally in terms of sustainability perceptions value.

It was Infosys’ capacity to maintain its position “amid challenging geopolitical conditions in the IT services industry” that made the difference in this situation. The Mahindra Group made it onto the list of the top 10 most valuable brands, among other notable results. With a $7 billion brand value, Eric was ranked sixth overall, representing a 15% gain.

“The business fared very well in the previous fiscal year, recording record profits that for the first time exceeded Rs 10,000 crore on revenues of Rs 1,21,269 crore. The Mahindra brand has become a force to be reckoned with because of its remarkable success in the auto industry and consistent growth in IT and financial services. According to Brand Finance, The Group consistently ranks highly in assessments and rankings of the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) sectors across the globe.