B2B e-commerce platform Moglix is performing its share to fight COVID-19 by supplying PPE, oxygen concentrators, oximeters, thermometers, and more to necessary and crucial goods and services companies to assure that their employees stay safe from the deadly second wave.

Startups fight COVID-19: How B2B commerce platform Moglix is helping India withstand the oxygen crisis

As India battles the deadly second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, startups, corporate, and individuals are all gathering together to assure that they are doing their bit. The biggest challenge in the second wave is the scarcity of oxygen cylinders along with vital medicines.

B2B e-commerce startup Moglix has been supplying PPE, oxygen concentrators, oximeters, thermometers etc. to primary goods and services companies to ensure their employees are protected. It has also allocated 15 million+ PPE kits and safety items amid this pandemic.

Rahul Garg with Ratan Tata.

The startup has emerged as a “group sharing model” for enhancing the result of every oxygen concentrator by 100x and is facilitating organizations, NGOs, trusts, and RWAs to create oxygen concentrator banks for patients and administering a safety net for their communities.

The demand for oxygen

Rahul Garg, Co-founder and CEO of, Moglix reveals that oxygen concentrators will play an essential function in mild and critical cases of in-home/clinic care as hospitals struggle with bed and oxygen availability. This will diminish the freight on hospitals while giving a much-needed window to patients as they arrange for medical care.

“We estimate the need for at least 100,000 oxygen concentrators across India. However, each person buying an oxygen concentrator for themselves is not scalable and will lead to inefficient distribution of precious resources. Most people will find the cost prohibitive and the requirement short-lived (one to two weeks),” Rahul asserted.

He appends the team believes in an efficient group distribution model for the acquirement and allocation of oxygen concentrators via corporates/ NGOs/ trusts/ RWAs, which has the potential to boost the impact of each oxygen concentrator by 100x.

“In this model we create an oxygen concentrator bank, typically via one of the organisations. Members of that organisation can then request for a short-term (three to seven-day) loan of the oxygen concentrator if they need it,” Rahul told.

“Moglix is working with IIT startup Nocca Robotics to ensure indigenous ventilators are capable of reaching hospitals and people who have the requirement,” Rahul asserted.

Moglix has already contributed oxygen concentrators to 25+ organisations in the past 10 days under this model to help thousands of employees and their families. This includes 1 mg, Tata Steel, BCG, EY, Grant Thornton, Uber etc.

Moglix has also set up home quarantine services, mental health counselling services, SOS task force team of volunteers, insurance cover and COVID care fund for their 1m000+ corona warriors — the Moglix employees administering the supply chain for critical items running.

Last year, Moglix distributed one lakh masks to government hospitals at the forefront of fighting this pandemic.

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