Sony intends to make 2 million units of the PlayStation VR2 headset by next year.

The mass output of the virtual reality headset commenced in September and hasn’t yet faced supply chain limitations“, said the people, who asked not to be identified as discussing private information.

VR goggles stay a primarily unproven category many years into the broad availability of marketable contributions from the likes of HTC Corp. and Oculus which is now a part of Meta Platform.

The company also announced the new headset comes with a lens-adjustment dial to adequately focus the image without having to completely reposition the headset itself, as well as a new venting design to decrease fogging. The second-generation PlayStation VR headset is also thinner and brighter than the last version.

Sony has yet to give an authorized price or clearance date for the PSVR2. Its current plan to start selling the headset in early 2023 will occur simultaneously with the expected relief of the supply chain bottlenecks that have inhibited the availability of the PlayStation 5 console since its launch in late 2020.