Since its establishment in 1996, has earned the trust of individuals globally as one of the oldest and most esteemed matchmaking services. Renowned for its commitment to assisting individuals in finding their ideal life partners, has facilitated the formation of countless successful unions and fostered numerous meaningful friendships. Success

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Distinguished by its promise of heightened matrimonial success, this online agency has garnered widespread attention and a substantial user base. For its 26-year history, has consistently linked profiles with potential compatibility, resulting in an impressive tally of over 5 million marriage success stories.

The platform continues to expand its influence, welcoming more than 1.5 million active users every month, with daily sign-ups averaging between 12,000 to 15,000 as of 2019. This substantial growth solidifies’s status as the world’s largest online matchmaking service, reflecting its unwavering commitment to facilitating meaningful connections and fostering lasting relationships.

Company NameSHAADI.COM
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
IndustryInternet marriage arrangement, social networking service
FounderAnupam Mittal
Area ServedWorldwide
Parent OrganizationPeople Group Overview and Operational Mechanism

Established in 1996 by Anupam Mittal,, originally known as, had a strategic name change in the year 1999, orchestrated by Mr. Mittal himself to enhance its market appeal. Initially catering to Non-Indian Residents, the platform faced initial reservations from Indian parents regarding the concept of arranging marriages through a startup.

By 2008, had successfully evolved into the world’s premier matrimonial website for Asians, boasting approximately 20 million users by 2011. The fundamental mission of the platform is to deliver an unparalleled matchmaking experience to Indians globally.

A critical aspect of user interaction on revolves around the presentation of potential matches through visual representations. The platform places a significant emphasis on ensuring a secure and respectful environment by scrutinizing user-uploaded photographs. A dedicated team meticulously evaluates images to identify and eliminate any content that may be deemed harmful or violate the company’s guidelines. This rigorous screening process underscores’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of quality and appropriateness in user interactions. – Founders and Team – Founders and Team

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Anupam Mittal, the visionary behind, which later evolved into, epitomizes entrepreneurship and business acumen. A native of Maharashtra, Mittal completed his schooling before pursuing a degree in business and general commerce with a focus on operations and strategic management at Boston College. Following his academic pursuits, he ventured into the software industry, assuming the role of a product manager at MicroStrategy in Washington, DC.

In an era when internet adoption in the country was in its nascent stages, Anupam Mittal took a bold step by establishing, a pioneering online matchmaking platform. Despite encountering various business challenges, Mittal’s unwavering determination contributed to the eventual success of his venture. Beyond his role as the founder of, Mittal has been recognized as a prominent figure, earning a place as a judge on Shark Tank India, further highlighting his multifaceted contributions to the business and entrepreneurial landscape. – Pioneering the Future of Matchmaking

In the genesis of lies a transformative encounter that took place in 1997 when Anupam, ensconced in his father’s office, crossed paths with a traditional matchmaker. Seizing this moment, Anupam envisioned a revolutionary shift from conventional matchmaking to a digital realm, eliminating inefficiencies inherent in the traditional process.

In pursuit of this vision, Anupam launched the first iteration, initially named in 1997, as an experimental venture. Recognizing the potential, he rebranded it as in 1999, committing his personal financial resources to fuel its growth. By 2001, Anupam’s dedication reached a pivotal moment as he relinquished his job in the U.S., returning to India to devote his undivided attention to shaping the platform’s success.

Mission and Vision for a Fulfilling Matchmaking Journey Mission and Vision’s vision encapsulates a future where the pursuit of a life partner mirrors the fulfillment derived from a journey with a soulmate. The mission, unequivocally articulated, is to enrich people’s lives by offering a superlative matchmaking experience. This is achieved through technological excellence, exhaustive research, valuable matrimonial content, and services, all underpinned by the highest standards of customer service imbued with warmth, understanding, respect, and a sense of camaraderie.

Innovative Business Model Riding the Digital Wave

The years 1995-1996 witnessed a digital revolution in India, a period when the Internet permeated society’s fabric. Anupam astutely leveraged this wave, crafting a user-friendly platform that allowed individuals to input detailed preferences, including parameters such as height, caste, and education qualification. This groundbreaking approach empowered users to articulate their ideal life partner, with the platform leveraging sophisticated algorithms to identify perfect matches. strategically acquires customers through a multi-faceted approach, including newspaper advertisements, television promotions, and digital marketing. Once a user registers on the platform, a personalized connection is established through regular phone calls, guiding them through the various available packages. This personalized engagement not only enhances user experience but significantly augments the conversion rate. – Revenue Model employs a subscription-based revenue model, offering premium memberships with diverse plans to its users. While platform registration remains free of charge, individuals expressing interest in a specific profile are required to acquire a premium membership to facilitate contact. The platform provides an array of premium membership options, including Gold, Gold+, Diamond, Diamond+, and Platinum.

Originally conceived as an experiment, the platform has significantly impacted the lives of approximately 35 million individuals globally. – Product and Feature Launch

Shaadi Live, unveiled by in January 2023, represents a dynamic addition to its offerings. Eligible singles can engage in virtual meetings with up to 10 potential matches during hour-long Shaadi Live events occurring every 10 days. Each interaction lasts for 5 minutes, creating a unique and efficient platform for meaningful connections. – Marketing Strategy

In pursuit of expanding its customer base and ensuring user engagement, the company has undertaken various strategic initiatives. This includes the establishment of 123 centers spanning 72 Indian cities, with its headquarters located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Plans involve expanding the number of centers to 250. Additionally, the company regularly hosts interactive games on its social media accounts to captivate its audience and foster awareness in society.

An innovative approach was employed through the introduction of a ‘Dowry calculator,’ shedding light on prevailing social issues. This initiative received acclaim from individuals in more than 35 countries, showcasing’s commitment to addressing societal challenges.

Funding and Investors behind

Sep 21, 2017Venture RoundInnoVen Capital
Mar 10, 2006Venture Round$8MSequoia Capital India – Investments:

May 22, 2015ThrillConvertible Note
Jan 29, 2015ThrillVenture Round – Acquisitions:

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Overcoming Challenges:’s Journey to Success

In its early stages, encountered numerous challenges arising from the limited internet adoption in India, compounded by the skepticism of conservative parents regarding the concept of arranging marriages through an internet-based startup. Cultural barriers further complicated the landscape, with prevailing mentalities acting as significant obstacles. The prevalent skepticism and lack of understanding surrounding the platform posed a formidable challenge for the company.

Undeterred by these initial hurdles, successfully navigated the complexities and emerged triumphant in establishing itself as a trusted player in the market. Overcoming skepticism, the platform has earned a stellar reputation by facilitating over 3.5 million marriages worldwide. Notably, the platform experiences a remarkable influx of 12,000 to 15,000 daily sign-ups, solidifying its position as India’s most trusted matrimonial site.’s ability to transcend these challenges and create a significant impact on the matrimonial landscape underscores its resilience and strategic prowess. The company’s success is a testament to its commitment to overcoming obstacles, fostering trust, and revolutionizing the way marriages are arranged in the digital age.

                          Competitor – Future Strategic Direction

Anupam Mittal, the founder of, articulated in a recent interview that the company is currently in a profitable state and is poised to become IPO-ready within the next 12 months, signaling a robust position for the business. Mittal emphasized that the company is presently self-sustaining and does not require additional financing. However, specific details regarding the IPO were not disclosed during the conversation.

After an interlude spanning more than a decade, is contemplating a renewed attempt to initiate its Initial Public Offering (IPO). Notably, the matrimonial website had embarked on its initial IPO endeavor in 2009. The primary objective of the initial IPO initiative was to facilitate the dilution of ownership by approximately 15 to 20% of the People Group, the parent company of

Conclusion has evolved over its 26-year history into a global leader in the online matchmaking industry. Founded in 1996 by Anupam Mittal, the platform has overcome initial skepticism and cultural barriers to become the world’s largest online matchmaking service. Its commitment to providing a secure and respectful environment for users, coupled with a rigorous screening process for user-uploaded photographs, has contributed to its reputation for facilitating successful and meaningful connections.