The Maharashtra government’s Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Ministry has announced the commencement of an initiative in which it would utilize artificial intelligence to create and write resumes for one lakh job seekers, assisting them in finding work.

According to the state administration, the idea is the brainchild of minister Mangal Prabhat Lodha.

Even though the job seekers get good employment opportunities, many times they face failure at the first step due to lack of quality resume. To solve this problem, the minister has decided to provide digital resumes to the youth with the help of artificial intelligence,” it said.

Lakhs of young people in the state will be able to acquire high-quality resumes in just a few minutes by sending a message to 8655826684 on WhatsApp and answering a few easy questions, according to the announcement.

The state government will organize 280 job fairs as part of this. There are plans to have similar career fairs in the future. Although the state’s young strive to take advantage of the recruiting process by attending such job fairs, many confront challenges since they do not have a solid résumé, according to the report.

To address this issue, Minister Lodha has chosen to use artificial intelligence to make high-quality resumes accessible to Maharashtra’s young.

The resume created digitally will be useful for providing suitable employment to the youth of Maharashtra. Under this initiative, more than one lakh youth will be able to get this service,” the statement said. PTI COR NP

AI in Education:

There has been an increasing tendency in higher education in recent years to embrace new technology and techniques to enhance the overall educational experience. Learning management systems, gamification, video-aided learning, and virtual and augmented reality are some of the ways technology has increased student engagement and educational planning. 

Despite the many advantages that technology has brought to education, there are still worries about how it may affect higher education institutions. Many conventional universities and colleges are concerned about the future of their institutions as online education and educational materials become more widely available on the Internet. As a consequence, many higher education institutions need assistance in keeping up with fast technological developments and seeking strategies to adapt and remain relevant in the digital era.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform our understanding of education. AI-powered tools and technologies, ranging from customized learning algorithms to virtual and augmented reality, are helping to improve students’ learning experiences in ways we never imagined possible.

AI can bring several educational advantages. The capacity to tailor each student’s learning experience is one of the most important. Using AI, instructors may examine student performance and preference data to build personalized lesson plans and evaluations that are tailored to each student’s specific strengths and limitations. Furthermore, AI may automate administrative activities like as grading, giving educators more time to concentrate on other critical parts of education.