Eight businesses were fined a total of Rs 51 lakh by Sebi for entertaining in dishonest trading activities in the subject matter of Ejecta Marketing Ltd

The declaration came after Sebi received an objection from ICICI Securities Ltd alleging, inter-alia, that particular short message services (SMSs) were being circulated, recommending the purchase of the shares of Ejecta Marketing Limited (EML).

The regulator found that a concerted approach was adopted by Panchal, Bhavsar, and Mistri in cooperation with Fastener Machinery, Bhavishya Ecommerce, Anurodh Infrastructure, and Shaileshbhai, whereby (Notices 1, 2, and 3) were often placed and deleted very considerable buy demand to create a fictitious appearance of trading and to induce the investors to trade in an illiquid scrip and further provide an exit option to (Notice 5 to 8) in the shares of EML, thereby disobeying PFUTP rules.

The regulator also remarked that Bhansali value compositions were a Sebi-registered intermediary and broker of Panchal, Bhavsar, and Mistri.

However, when (Notice 1 to 3) placed the order in large quantities and deleted a powerful portion of it, it was the duty of the Bhansali value creations to inform its clients that the trading design was manipulative and would not reflect the true and correct picture of the shares of EML in the market and the interest of investors.

Also, it should have secured them from doing such type of practice. However, the entity fell to do so, thereby breaking the code of conduct of Broker regulation. Meanwhile, in respective order, the regulator charged fines computing Rs 4 Lakh on 4 entities for disregarding insider trading rules and seizure regulations in the case of Gokul Solutions LTD.