Marketing is the prime ingredient of any business. It not only promotes the business but also plays a significant role in its development, profit, and success of the business. The onset of digitization and the world’s online advancement has also encouraged marketing to go digital.

Online marketing and promotion through advertisements are like the cornerstone to run a prosperous business. At the moment, we use several tools of online marketing.

These cover marketing through email marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing, etc. Another essential factor that is attaining popularity is meme marketing. Meme marketing is the most recent trend these days. What could be better than marketing a product or service along with making people smile and laugh?  Considering all this, various top brands are now employing a meme marketing strategy.

Memes can create a major impact. Memes are dead. It is we who make them alive based on how we perceive them. A meme is narrated as an image or video which is often hilarious. These media are publicized across the internet at an accelerated pace. Such images or content possess huge popularity on all social media platforms. These images can include expressions, dialogues, or famous personalities, which when get displayed in an amusing way, emerges as a meme. 

Various brands and businesses adopt meme marketing strategies to promote themselves. To make it simple, when a brand’s marketing strategy makes use of memes, it is termed as meme marketing. Meme marketing is like another form of art using which the brands put across their discounts, deals, and their promotions through a meme. These are then introduced in the meme community. Presently, meme marketing highlights certain points.

It benefits a brand to get in touch with its customers. It extends a  more casual and fascinating connection. It provides an amusing method for brands to promote their product and services. Gone is the time when marketing was carried out only through tv ads and newspapers.

Social media platforms become the ideal source for promotion since people spend more time on it. Memes draw the attention of a huge audience, which makes it a vital marketing method. Meme marketing is a unique and creative way of marketing. It helps establish a close relationship with its customers. Looking at the versatility it offers,

Here are the top brands that are rising by employing the meme marketing strategy-


Whenever we are hungry and there’s nothing to eat at home, Zomato comes to the rescue. This brand is a great sensation and it surely is. Lately, the brand is becoming famous through its meme marketing. Various memes by Zomato are circulated all over the social media platform, Instagram. From new series to old dialogues, Zomato has a meme for all. The utilization of incredibly innovative and relatable memes is made for advertising. Be it a new series, old dialogues, or anything else, Zomato seems to have a meme for all.

Brand Factory

Brand Factory provides a range of centralized brands. It offers great discounts shaping it as the smartest price seller. Being on par with the trend, the brand has indulged in the meme marketing strategy. Various relatable memes are posted for promotions. A while ago, it exercised a viral Indian meme– “Hello Fraands, Chai Peelo” which was changed to “Hello Fraands, Shopping Karlo”. This meme became quite famous and drew a lot of attention.

Disney+ Hotstar

This OTT platform provides various latest and old movies and shows. It is an Indian brand that enjoys acquiring and retaining its viewers. This brand too has employed the same scheme. Disney + Hotstar integrates dialogues from various shows and movies to produce a meme.  It also creates Instagram reels to keep up with the same. Not long ago they used a scene from the film ‘Kali’ to illustrate the Monday mood. Through this, the brand can win the audience’s confidence.


Netflix is the best companion to boredom. It has attained another level of this strategy. They have created an Instagram page called ‘Netflix is a joke/ Netflix Comedy’ which is entirely devoted to posting the meme content. Netflix also seeks the opinions of its customers to generate shareable memes. This enables the customers to be more active and subsequently, helps Netflix to obtain more audience.

Tinder India

The very popular dating app has also used the strategy of meme marketing. The brand utilizes memes in different creative ways. It creates memes associated with zodiacs, movies, festivals, and much more. Tinder also encourages meme marketing through influencers who support and assist the brand to gain popularity. It also enables the brand to grasp the influencers’ audience as well.

With the rising generation obsessing over the internet and possessing more buying power, it largely depends on online references rather than offline references. They are more occupied with social media marketing since they invest a lot of time on the internet. To earn a huge customer base online, the brands must improvise their marketing strategies. One of the most beneficial and effective methods is to inculcate and practice meme marketing. Memes have now become a  means of communication between youngsters. Selecting a meme context and attaching a promotional factor to it is the creativity every brand must follow these days. It enables a brand to reach out to its customers and convince them through this message in a fun way. Memes can go viral in no time which leads to the factor of gaining more audience. Thus, this strategy shouldn’t be missed out by any brand.


As more people are associated to various brands through social media platforms, the meme marketing strategy is a smart move, since a meme has its own unique way of attracting people to itself and gaining confidence. It is an amusing way of attracting and convincing people to buy their products or services. This will not only boost the company’s promotion but will also help the brand to create an irreplaceable bond.