Well, who hasn’t heard about Reliance? This industry is familiar to all in different ways. 

Headquartered in Mumbai and established in the year 1973 in the month of May, Reliance industries is a renowned and leading entity in the Indian market. Reliance offers various services. Reliance industries witnessed a milestone when the launch of Reliance Jio Infocomm Limited acquired a major share in Infotel Broadband Services Limited (IBSL). This step enabled the telecommunication section of Reliance to operate unprecedentedly. The merging of Reliance Industries with Jio Platforms marked the birth of JioMart. Initially, the JioMart services were soft-launched in December 2019 and later launched in the prime regions of Thane, Navi Mumbai, and Kalyan in April 2020. After augmenting the services in almost 200 towns of the country, it was completely launched in May in the year 2020.

The latest sector of Reliance Industries is devoted to grocery delivery at home amidst the pandemic. JioMart has still resumed its services to help its consumers purchase fruits, vegetables, groceries, bakery products, beverages, packaged food, and various other items from an extensive range of categories which includes fashion,  household products, lifestyle products, and much more. Other remarkable grocery delivery services like Amazon, Flipkart, and Big Basket are in tough competition with JioMart in the nation. 

Speaking of JioMart, the boss of Reliance, Mukhesh Ambani quoted “Customer aapka, Support humara”, which suggests that JioMart will expand its huge support to the local vendors and kirana owners.

 JioMart introduced JioMart Express for invading the famous quick commerce space in June 2022. The platform was assessed in Navi Mumbai and presently compasses over 3K+ SKUs, including groceries, personal care, and home essentials. JioMart Express at present is intending on extending its services across 200+ cities by the approaching fiscal. This latest business of Reliance Retail and Jio will shortly run in various other categories like medicines as well as small electronic products including smartphones. This quick commerce extension of JioMart will surely be helpful for customers in numerous ways.

JioMart usually partners with an enormous group of local kirana stores that increases the growth of the platform. It has also been associated with many UPI platforms to make transactions simple for consumers. JioMart has enabled local kiranas and vendors to accept orders online, which will be delivered by the estimated time. Its business model escorts the trio – producers, customers, and the kiranas altogether under the same platform. The process starts with the Kirana owners registering, followed by applying for JioMart Kirana registration. JioMart will support and help those particular Kirana stores and direct them to the digital level to receive orders via WhatsApp.As soon as the order is placed by the stores a confirmation message is delivered to the user to collect the order from the store.

A thing that users might note to be inconvenient is that JioMart does not provide same-day delivery, rather orders generally arrive within two days. A few changes are necessary to be made to the search process. The issue is faced when a particular product is named differently according to the regional language, which can alter the search for that particular product. The search algorithm is required to detect and troubleshoot such discrepancies or the website cannot meet the requirements of the customers.


In order to persist in the competitive market, companies have to improve and provide better solutions, for resolving problems, and to excel more than its competitor. A service or product is considered top-notch only if it caters to the requirements of its customers. Therefore good planning, setting objectives, formulating marketing strategies, and developing a functional plan is a must to run a successful business.