The telecommunication giant claimed that the JioPhone Next will contribute significantly in offering equal opportunities and equal access to digital technology, to every Indian. 

Telecommunication establishment Reliance Jio dropped curtains on the operating system and processor details of the JioPhone Next ahead of Diwali launch on October 25, 2021. 

Reliance Jio reveals key features of JioPhone Next ahead of Diwali Launch

Earlier this year, it was announced at the AGM (annual general meeting) of Reliance Industries that the forthcoming launch of the JioPhone will operate via Google Android operating system-based Pragati OS together with a Qualcomm processor.

As stated by Reliance Jio, Android-powered Pragati OS is an operating system which is built specially for India and is at the ‘heart’ of the company’s upcoming launch JioPhone Next. It is claimed to be developed by best minds at Jio as well as Google with an objective of introducing and bringing “Pragati” or progress for all. The company aims at delivering best services at affordable cost.

Regarding the processor, the company disclosed that the Qualcomm processor on Reliance Jio’s JioPhone Next will perhaps serve optimized and advanced connectivity as well location technology-based experience. It also promises to deliver optimized device performance, audio quality and battery.

The company unveiled a few key features of the upcoming launch through its latest release of a short video clip. The video showcased the whole idea and the company’s vision behind its one of the most affordable forthcoming launches of 4G smartphones. 

Relating to the home-grown sustainability of the company, Reliance Jio stated that the company Jio has become a “household name” in India in a remarkably short span of five years. With over 430 million Jio users presently, the company has expanded its services geographically, while servicing economical as well as social classes. 

With its soon-to-be-launched 4G smartphone, Jio has chalked out plans to take a big step towards the company’s vision of democratizing digital connectivity in India. Reliance Jio stated, “JioPhone Next is Made in India, Made for India and Made by Indians.”

The telecommunication giant claimed that the JioPhone Next will contribute significantly in offering equal opportunities and equal access to digital technology, to every Indian. 

What are the features of JioPhone Next?

Reliance revealed a few key features of the JioPhone Next in the latest release of a short video by the company. Let us look at few of those key features:

  • Smart Camera- The 4G smartphone will come with a smart camera which supports different user-friendly photography modes including Portrait mode, Night mode, which will enable the users to click splendid photos with automatic focus even under low light. The in-built camera app of the smartphone comes with appealing filters which will enhance the clicked pictures.
  • Voice Assistant- The smartphone also comes with the advanced feature of voice assistant. It will allow users to operate the device via the internet in a preferable language.
  • Preinstalled Jio and Google Apps- The device allows users to download and use android apps via Google Play Store with numerous options available on the store. The device comes with preinstalled Jio and Google Apps.
  • Translate- The smartphone’s Translate feature lets users translate texts to any preferred language of the user’s choice.
  • Automatic Software upgrade– Reliance Jio’s JioPhone Next has automatic software upgrade feature which will keep the device’s software updated. It also comes with security updates, delivering trouble-free experience. 
  • Battery Life- The all-new launch of Android-based Pragati OS claims to deliver enhanced performance with long battery life. 

Mumbai-based telecommunications company Reliance Jio is also in talks to have lost subscribers for the first time in ten quarters. It is observed that the company has witnessed an inferior rate of active subscribers as compared to its competitors Airtel and Vodafone Idea.

As per the data provided by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), the active subscriber rate of Reliance Jio is under 80 per cent. Its rivals- Airtel’s rate of active subscribers is nearly 98 per cent, whereas Vodafone Idea’s rate is 87 per cent.

It is anticipated that the company not restraining or terminating the services post the expiry of its users’ plans might be one of the reasons for the falling rate of its active subscribers.

Despite the significant drop in the number of active subscribers, Reliance Jio has still managed to lead the total number of subscribers. Jio has 429.5 million subscribers collectively, while Airtel has 354 million.