Asia Healthcare Holdings or AHH is increasing its investments in its technologically advanced remote ICU solution for neonatal care.

AHH would invest Rs 10 crore

Asia Healthcare Holdings (AHH), a healthcare investment platform backed by private equity firm TPG Growth, intends to invest Rs 10 crore in the next several years to expand its recently established specialized tech-powered neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) beds. Infants who are unwell or premature are cared for in NICUs.  

AHH, which is expanding its single specialty healthcare company, is particularly interested in neonatal health. “Our focus areas include oncology, women’s and children’s health, and the implementation of technology in ICUs,” stated Vishal Bali, AHH’s Executive Chairman. 

Motherhood Hospitals, a Bengaluru-based and AHH-owned chain of women and childcare hospitals, unveiled NICU Live, a remote patient monitoring technology, in April. “NICU Live is a technologically advanced system for remotely monitoring newborns.” “In the neonatology field alone, we see an opportunity to operate nearly 200 virtual-care beds,” Bali added.

The system provides virtual neonatal care to neonates hospitalized or born in semi-urban and rural nursing homes and hospitals. “Motherhood Hospitals has deployed its NICU Live initiative, which plans to cover 200 beds across the country, and the company intends to deploy Rs 10 crore for it,” he added.

NICU Live is now available in five sites in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, and Haryana, with plans to expand to Delhi NCR, Rewari (Haryana), UP, sections of Maharashtra, and north Karnataka in the near future. It lowers the cost of accessing a physical NICU without sacrificing the quality of treatment and bridges the availability gap for specialists. Other drawbacks solved include a lack of full-time quality physicians, a lack of advanced nursing knowledge, and poor record administration, all of which are addressed by the remote-monitoring system.  

While Asia Healthcare Holdings does a lot of work in the obstetrics field, Bali believes that the essential essence of motherhood lies in two areas: gynecology and neonatology. “Right now, we have the country’s largest network of neonatology beds.” We currently have around 300 beds across the Motherhood network in the current cities, making us the country’s most extensive neonatology presence. “To date, we have successfully discharged over 35,000 babies from Motherhood’s NICUs,” he stated.