That surge of enthusiasm and incessant impression of ruling the world when you are straight out of college or whether it is your first job! And then the gradual seeping away of that passion and the dawn of boredom, monotony, and loss of prospects after a series of jobs and years down the line! You suddenly realize that a lifetime has passed, and you have lived a parallel life with an erroneously chosen path. Unsure as to what direction to pursue now or whether it is too late to revive your career, you are stuck against the wall of uncertainty. 

An HR-turned-Author, Jyoti Jha
An HR-turned-Author, Jyoti Jha

Or whether it is the delicate issue of women giving up their work post maternity and getting lost in the responsibility of becoming a full-time caretaker of the household. Strong willpower and put in twice as hard efforts to break the boundaries of family and societal circumstances, women trying to seek out themselves and discovering a second inning in terms of rebuilding a career have also been on an upswing. Rather than blocking themselves from opportunities to flourish, women need to understand that they are much more capable than simply settling into the unfulfilled and discontent feeling. Rediscovering, Revamping, and Reviving their career, women leave no stone unturned to redefine success by accepting the change gracefully and moving ahead in life to re-establish themselves. Considering and assessing varied career choices while on the reinventing journey, women could give a new direction to their career through knowledge, skills, awareness, and social networking.   

‘It’s never too late’, as it is rightly said, take charge of your professional goals, leverage the resources, and act on rediscovering your career through analyzing your strengths, goals, passions, and skills. Navigating a change of career can be daunting yet exhilarating, especially at a later stage of life, but it is achievable. Take a stalk of your skills inventory and evaluate the reasons for a career change, and while you break out of the autopilot mode, reach out to support systems that cater to a midlife career change. Breaking free from an unrewarding job and treading the path of redesigning your career begins from the inside and turns outward gradually. Upskill yourself and challenge your status quo to create interesting career objectives. A career forms an indispensable part of our identity, and the selection of a career greatly impacts our lifestyle, family setup, health, and economic conditions. Choose wisely where you would not have to deviate from your career path and where you could find scope to align your hobbies and passion with your professional goals. Keep that curiosity on as you mingle with like-minded people to reawaken that drive and passion for work. Don’t shy away from acknowledging the impending signals and the consistent feeling of being trapped. Overcome the qualms that inhibit you from reaching out to explore further and chartering your course of action. 

The era of digitization accompanied by the presence of e-commerce and the influence of social media has made it easier today for people to make a difference with a single idea and has enabled working in different setups. Finding meaning in our workspace comprises of micro-moments and so, don’t be too harsh on yourself when on certain days you feel simply unproductive. An online presence helps shape professional reputation and rebranding of oneself as it furthers networking and expansion. ‘Skilling is the key’ as the technological advancements continue to provide newer ways of work methodologies and foster multifaceted career progression. While you reflect on your professional journey, keep an eye on the emerging career options as traditional skills join hands with innovation and fresh expertise.  

When there’s a sense of purpose buoyed with the feeling of inspiration, the career automatically aligns with passion. Passion is derived from sentiments and feelings that can keep changing with time. Infuse passion in work as you try to establish a clear comprehension of internal evaluation, reassess priorities, and analyze your goals. You are bound to find yourself in a delicate existential state. However, you need to determine this to reaffirm your professional career path and realign the potential pivots which are crucial in deciding your career plan. 

Shifting the focus from ‘What you do’ to ‘Why you do it’ can trigger the trajectory for a career change. Crystallize and repurpose your career as you take stock of your current professional situation and design your desired state and the timeline required to attain that. Strike a balance with the powerful tools of self-reflection, and thorough research, and set out your career journey as you reinvent yourself to rediscover your career. Find meaning in your life as you discover a new beginning!

About the Columnist-

An HR-turned-Author, Jyoti Jha has been associated with corporates like Infosys and Whirlpool. An esteemed winner of ‘The Times of India Write India Season 3’, she has authored the books, ‘The Realms of Human Emotions’, ‘Around The World Through My Lens’, ‘Aanandi‘, and ‘Heart’s Sanctuary & Other Stories’. Awarded ‘Savitribai Phule Rashtriya Samman’, and ‘Iconic Authors 2022’, she has been Conferred ‘Global Progressive Women Award 2022’, she has been nominated for Auther Awards (The Times of India) under Popular Choice category. President of Savitribai Seva Foundation, and Columnist at The Literary Mirror, Jyoti is a Globe-trotter, Storyteller, and a Lyricist. Speaker at the prestigious Ahmedabad International Literature Festival (AILF) 2022, Guest Speaker at Kalinga Literary Festival, A proud panelist and Guest Speaker in Talk Shows at IIM Lucknow and IITs, she has been featured in prominent media houses of the country. Having been an honorable Judge at Kashiyatra, IIT BHU and Jury Member at the Literary Club, IIT BHU for Storytelling, she has been a guest speaker and a co-host at ‘The Lit Talks’ on a reputable OTT Platform.