Red Bull gives you Wings or Wiiings

(The journey from i to iii)

Red Bull is an Austrian company which offers energy drinks under the name “Red Bull”. The brand is owned by Red Bull GmbH. The company is the third most valued brand after Coca-cola and Pepsi. Red Bull was launched in 1987. 

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History of the Bull, Red Bull

Back in 1976, there was a drink called Krating Daeng, originated in Thailand and famous among the people of Thailand. Dietrich, founder of Red Bull, visited Thailand before introducing Red Bull and tasted the drink Krating Daeng and he claimed that this drink cures jet lag. 

After that Daeng thought of formulating a drink which suit the tastes of the westerners and the Red Bull was introduced in a partnership with Yoovidhya and Red Bull GmbH was founded.

The slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” is the most famous and memorable slogan. But this slogan has cost the company 13 million dollars.

The slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”

Red Bull in 1997 started an advertising campaign with a slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”. The idea was to demonstrate that the energy drink boosts the energy in one who consumes it.

After two decades of successful marketing strategy this slogan has cost the company $13 million to settle the court case.

Meaning of the Slogan

The slogan is a metaphor that emphasises the energy and empowerment that Red Bull gives when one consumes it.It is a drink to boost productivity and feel energetic. 

The Controversy

A guy named Benjamin Carethers, a US citizen, was sued by the company Red Bull GmbH for false advertising as the energy drink of the company “Red Bull” doesn’t give him wings in 2013. He questioned the slogan to the company that “Why Red Bull give me wings:? Benjamin was consuming Red Bull for almost a decade but neither he had any wings nor he had felt any enhancement in his performance.

The case was brought U.S District Court of the Southern District of New York. As a settlement to the said suit, the company has agreed to pay $10 to all the customers who purchased Red Bull at least once in the past 10 years or a voucher of $ 15 worth of Red Bull products. Which almost will cost the company around $ 13 millions in total.

Change to the slogan

After the loss of around $ 13 millions and defamation to the company, Red Bull decided to make a change in its famous advertising slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”.

The company maintains the same slogan but has made a slight correction to it.

“Red Bull gives you Wiiings”

Since the slogan was famous and gained a lot of attention they didn’t change the slogan. As the word “Wiiings” is not there in the dictionary, no one claims that Red Bull actually does not give them wings.

Other Products

In 2008, Red Bull launched a cola drink named “Simple Cola”. It was updated and a new version of Cola was introduced in 2019.

In 2018, Red Bull launched Organics which includes bitter lemon, ginger ale, tonic water and a new version of Cola.

Variants of Red Bull

Red Bull was offered under various variants all having the same formulas of creation but the taste was different.

Red Bull Sugar free:  Sugar free version of Red Bull.

Red Bull Zero: Another sugar free version of Red Bull

Red Bull Energy Shot: Highly concentrated variant.

Red Bull editions: Includes some offerings in different flavors: lime, caneberry, and blueberry.

Market Cap 

The company has a market cap of around $45+ billion. The company sold 6.5 billion cans in a year. The company is listed of the U.S. stock exchange, Nasdaq.

Forbes Award

Forbes awards

The Company has won two Forbes title

  • World’s best Employers in 2022
  • World’s Most Valuable Brands in 2020


The advertising though has a positive impact on the customer targeted and helps brands to become famous and gain popularity, but sometimes the words or the terminology may cost the brands and company a huge loss. Though Red Bull has gained a tremendous popularity through its slogan and become one of the leading brands among the youngsters, just a slogan had cost the company $13 million.Later on , the company has changed the spelling of wings to wiiings to change its meaning.

Disclaimer: This article is solely for your information purpose. We do not promote any product of Red Bull through this article. Also we do not aim at any defamation to the brand.