It is a remarkable way for the world to grow when one helps the other and the process keeps on continuing. The journey of entrepreneurship has a similar tale, where the opportunities are vast but requires hard work, resilience, and consistency. There will be times when you might face judgments and question your limitations. 

But keeping a positive note towards any goal you achieve will help you look to the brighter side of things. Business Outreach Magazine is thrilled to present you with an individual who not only faced hurdles but took the time and effort towards a positive outlook and excelled in his venture. 

A Brief History- 

We want your readers to look into the insightful journey of Ravi Dimaniya, Founder of Dimaniya Mart. Dimaniya Mart is an open-source e-commerce platform for the visionaries of India to set foot on a growing entrepreneurial pathway. While speaking with Ravi, we sense an urgency of building a system for the people which will help then generate a form of sustainable revenue

To be able to take the notion of creating something spectacular and that adds value to others is what makes us form ethics and principles of humankind. Coming from a small village in UP with a middle-class background, Ravi emits a humbleness with dedication and vision which is something extremely important in today’s society. Being a self-made millionaire and a first general entrepreneur, Ravi Dimaniya understands the steps of success and the criticalness of having patience towards success

Struggles and Success Story- 

Ravi Dimaniya always focused on creating a diverse and inclusive ecosystem for entrepreneurs with the capabilities of Dimaniya Mart. He wants to express that entrepreneurship should be treated with planning and efficient business management which will bring out uncapped profitability. Ravi says to us that he has helped thousands of people in shaping a business and laying the foundations of a growing business. 

Ravi kept it simple and chose the method of feedback and performance. He created an entrepreneur Whatsapp group where he provided solutions to others and earned goodness out of it. He then went beyond his comfort zone and provided the value of his services and clients started appreciating his efforts and gradually lined up his door. Dimaniya Mart has shown stellar customer service and gained customers’ trust due to continuous innovation and growth.  

You see! This is the power of doing good for others, where Ravi got his business growing from the feedback of others and did not invest in mega marketing campaigns

Key Takeaways- 

Ravi Dimaniya completed his graduation in Economics and Political Science. He completed his primary education at Primary School that is called ‘Kanya Pathshala’ school in UP and higher schooling from S.I.C. Palsera, Aligarh. Ravi wants to say that when there is the focus, achievers do not require any Big Degree or expensive education from a private school.

In spite of starting in April 2021 and witnessing the massacre of COVID-19, Ravi Dimaniya generated revenue and growth month by month. Ravi runs his company debt free and is operating as a bootstrapped company. In 2022, Ravi Dimaniya leading Dimaniya Mart received the International Business Icon Award.  

There have been difficulties when Ravi were not acquainted with technology and were understanding deep knowledge of product pricing and operations from several vendors. But his focus has always been to learn and believes, “ I have come to this world to create a positive impact, and I will continue to strive for that”. Ravi Dimaniya is aiming to expand his business nationally and internationally and a person with nothing but clear vision will always achieve that with self-determination and confidence. 

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