Quantl AI

Quantl AI is an artificial intelligence-powered trading platform that has officially launched in Dubai. The company aims to make investing more accessible for everyone with its automated trading system. 

Quantl AI was founded in 2021 by a team of data scientists and financial experts. They developed a proprietary AI model that analyzes huge amounts of market and alternative data sources to identify trading opportunities. The system then automatically executes trades to generate returns for investors. 

Traditional investing requires a lot of time, effort and expertise to research companies, monitor markets and make well-timed decisions. Quantl AI eliminates the need for users to do any of that. It runs as a subscription service where members deposit funds into a digital wallet on the platform. The AI model is then given control over those funds to place trades non-stop based on the patterns it detects.

The AI scans over 500,000 data points per second from global exchanges and economic indicators. It looks for anomalies, trends and predictive signals that humans may miss due to cognitive biases or limited processing power. By spotting opportunities that traditional analysts cannot, the system aims to outperform the broader market averages. 

Quantl AI claims its strategies have achieved over 30% average annual returns since inception. However, as with any investment, past performance is not a guarantee of future results. The platform offers daily, weekly and monthly subscription plans tailored for different risk appetites and investment horizons. Subscription fees range from 0.5-2% of assets under management.

The launch in Dubai is well-timed as the UAE is making major strides in developing its financial technology and digital economy. Quantl AI sees tremendous potential for growth in the region as more investors adopt technology-driven solutions. Being regulated under Dubai’s financial free zones also provides access to a large pool of regional and global clients.

Co-founder and CEO Mark Smith said “We’re excited to introduce Quantl AI’s revolutionary approach to investing in the Middle East. Dubai is emerging as a global FinTech hub, and we aim to play a leading role in advancing digital wealth management in the region. Our AI trading platform democratizes access to sophisticated trading strategies previously reserved for institutional investors.” 

The launch was attended by senior officials from Dubai’s financial authorities and tech investment firms. Quantl AI is in discussions with several local and regional banks to offer its services through partnerships. It also plans to expand into new asset classes like cryptocurrencies based on client demand.

By automating away the complexities of trading, Quantl AI has the potential to reshape retail investing. If it delivers on returns, the platform could onboard many new users in Dubai and beyond seeking easy, profitable exposure to global markets. Time will tell if its AI model sustains its edge against evolving market dynamics. But the company is poised for significant growth as digital finance transforms the industry.