Clodura.AI, an AI-powered sales prospecting solution provider, has raised $2 million in pre-Series A funding. The round was led by the Bharat Innovation Fund and complemented by Malpani Ventures. The startup will deploy the infused capital to strengthen its platform further, designed over Large Language Models and generative AI, to make the sales process more streamlined from prospecting to closure.


Clodura.AI was founded by Kapil Khangaonkar and gives sales professionals a comprehensive suite of tools to help them in identifying key decision-makers, gather actionable sales intelligence, automated outreach campaigns, and, in the process, very significantly scale their sales pipeline. The high-quality up-to-date data, coupled with the outreach, will ensure the sales professionals target their effort better and communicate more effectively.

Clodura.AI’s email cadence is noteworthy for the sales pro, giving them the capability to generate more interactions and book more meetings by sending and automating the creation of sales outreach emails and follow-ups. This automation also automates the extremely manual work sales professionals invest time in, thus giving them time for other strategic activities related to their client engagements.

This investment from Bharat Innovation Fund reinforces the growing prominence of AI and automation in the sales domain. Bharat Innovation Fund is a venture capital firm with a focus on investing in disruptive technology-driven enterprises that have the potential to create significant economic and social impact.

The other party, Malpani Ventures, has its own set of investments in the early-stage strategic backing of startups. The firm also recognizes the transformational capability in Clodura.AI’s technology. With this new capital infused, Clodura.AI is looking to double down on its product offerings and scale up its operations to meet the surging demand for AI-driven sales solutions.

The sales environment is changing rapidly, where the role of AI and automation technologies is simply indispensable in increasing efficiency and productivity. Clodura.AI is leading this change in empowering sales teams with what is essential for them to remain competitive in a data-driven market. The platform helps automate repetitive tasks and provides deep insights into potential leads, thereby increasing the conversion rate and bringing out high-performance improvement for sales teams.

Clodura.AI is increasing innovation in its capabilities at a moment in the global sales technology market. The recent funding round is just evidence of the potential that the company has and the growing trust of investors in AI-driven sales solutions. With the backing of Bharat Innovation Fund and Malpani Ventures, Clodura.AI is set to more strongly leverage new opportunities and make a substantial business in upcoming years.

This indeed is a significant milestone in Clodura.AI’s journey, as it underpins the success of the company in developing leading-edge technology to solve critical challenges in the sales process. An ever-growing focus on enhancing platform capability will ensure that Clodura.AI keeps adding value to sales professionals in terms of enhancement of efficiency and effectiveness.

In conclusion, the recent $2 million round of funding for Clodura.AI, headed by Bharat Innovation Fund, just goes to show increased AI relevance in the sales space. With Malpani Ventures extending their backing, Clodura.AI will further enhance and perfect its innovative platform, delivering sales teams just the right tools to automate and provide insight. This investment will help Clodura.AI maintain leadership in transforming the sales landscape with advanced AI-driven solutions.