We meet a lot of people in our lives and aspire to get inspired by the ones that interest us the most. There are also people who criticize our every move and makes effort to pull us down. But so do we cease to dream? Or do we restrict ourselves to achieving new heights of goals? In order to have a positive impact on society, education plays a pivotal role in shaping the perspective of future generations. For that, we need teachers who share a similar mindset and are ready to hold the hands of young ones to succeed.

Business Outreach Magazine wants you to know Praneet Sushil, who has been tirelessly trying to instill logical thinking and effective decision-making abilities into children from urban-rural areas in India. The multi-faceted individual has been an engineer by profession, but a teacher and a writer by passion. His limits to contribute towards the betterment of children will empty pages. Praneet created Prayatna, a not for profit in 2009, while he was doing his full-time job in the IT industry. For 15 years he has collaborated with multinational clients embracing the experience of different cultures. Praneet’s priority is to impart proper education and still considers the system to require expert vigilance and active reforms.

In 2018, Praneet took voluntary retirement from his job and devoted himself entirely to Prayatna. He believes in the power of education shaping the personality of an individual and also did MCA from MBM Govt. Engineering College in Jodhpur. Since professional experience is crucial to understand the workings of the world, Praneet has spent over 15 years as a Consultant in Software Engineering for several reputed multinational corporations like TCS, Global Logic, and many more.

Praneet Sushil is the creator of the ‘Creative Learning Model’ or CLM and this is where things get interesting. CLM is a learning module that teaches life skills that are needed for day-to-day operations and goals. In this module, “Praneet collaborated ancient principles of Gurukul pedagogy with the modern-day skillset required to be a decision-maker, emotionally intelligent, and to develop a clear purpose in life”. Praneet knows that science is the answer to everything when it comes to a child’s productivity and views the world as a place of learning and growth.

Currently, Praneet is working to form the Science & Technology Research Labs (L&D) in government schools, where children can get exposed to diverse knowledge team-building, entrepreneurial approaches, the efficiency of time, and several other skills. He wants to add L&D labs in government schools in Gurugram, Noida, and a few other cities in Rajasthan.

The Right to Education Act in 2009, is empowering him to help students enroll in government schools, and build a sustainable future. For Praneet, education is not a privilege but a right.

Praneet Sushil has helped more than 10,000 students and has received several awards like “Professional Excellence and Leadership” Award by CSR Research Foundation supported by Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Shiksha Shakti Samaan by VHP, Haryana state body 2018, Dainik Jagran Newspaper Achievers Award 2022, and many more. He has faced zillion challenges to convince parents about the importance of education for their children and how important is it for a child’s personal development. He has been brave and unstoppable when it came to the future of these children and we honor such souls like Praneet Sushil with gratitude and respect.