Prime Minister Narendra Modi said this year’s budget provided Rs 80,000 crore for housing the poor. 

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday called on stakeholders to discuss ways to link housing and technology to build strong but affordable homes that benefit from acceptable solar power in urban and rural areas and cluster housing models.

The Prime Minister speaks at a webinar on “Delivering the last mile”, the fourth in a series of 12 post-budget events organized by the government to seek advice on the implementation of the initiatives set out in the Union budget 2023 and suggestions. Twenty-four.

This year’s budget earmarked Rs 80,000 crore for housing the poor. A goal of eliminating sickle cell disease has also been set.

Emphasizing the importance of good management and ongoing monitoring to achieve desired goals PM Modi said, “The more emphasis we put on good governance, the more easily our goal of reaching the last mile will be accomplished.”

On tribal welfare, the PM said, “For the first time a special mission is being launched for the most deprived among the tribal communities. We have to rapidly provide facilities to our tribal friends in more than 22,000 villages in more than 200 districts of the country.”

Prime Minister Modi cited various government efforts for the welfare of citizens, such as the PM SVANidhi program linking street vendors to formal banks, genericization, development, and welfare committees for nomadic communities and semi-nomadic, public service centers for 500,000 villages and 10 crores of telemedicine steps.

Prime Minister Modi said the FY24 budget paid special attention to the interests of tribal and rural areas. Thousands of crores of rupees have been allocated to the Jal Jeevan mission for this, he said. The Prime Minister added that work has started on more than 60,000 Amrit Sarovar, of which 30,000 have already been built.

These campaigns are improving the standard of living of those Indians living far and wide, who have been waiting for such facilities for decades. We do not have to stop here. We have to create a mechanism for new water connections and the pattern of water consumption. We also have to review what can be done to further strengthen the water committee,” PM Modi said.