Persistent Systems and Google Cloud have deepened their collaboration by introducing a variety of Generative AI solutions. These solutions are tailored to assist clients in implementing cutting-edge technologies on a scale enabling them to discover and integrate Artificial Intelligence solutions into their businesses. The goal of this partnership is to streamline the process of modernizing data decrease time, to market, and enhance business results across industries.

Persistent Systems partners with Google Cloud

Persistent Systems announced on July 31 that it has strengthened its collaboration, with Google Cloud by introducing a range of Generative AI solutions powered by Google Cloud. In a filing, the company stated that these offerings are designed to support clients throughout their AI journeys enabling them to implement advanced technologies on a large scale.

The partnership aims to provide clients with AI solutions that empower them to identify and implement technologies into their businesses at a scale according to Persistent Systems.

Additionally, Persistent Systems highlighted the benefits of its IP-driven application and database modernization accelerator, which utilizes Google Clouds Generative AI solutions to streamline data modernization processes. This approach ultimately reduces time to market and costs.

Furthermore, the company mentioned how the art market website Artnet has leveraged an AI-powered interface. This interface assists art buyers with natural language interactions and aids in making purchasing decisions based on criteria.

Rajesh Abhyankar, VP of Google Business Unit at Persistent emphasized the value of Generative AI across industries. He highlighted its ability to expedite time to market and improve business outcomes.

Jim Anderson, VP of NA Partners Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud praised Persistent’s adoption of Google Cloud Vertex AI. He expressed optimism, about the impact this collaboration will have on clients seeking programs.