One of the original members of OpenAI and an artificial intelligence researcher, Andrej Karpathy, announced his departure from the Microsoft-backed business on Monday in a post on social media platform X.

The announcement is a dramatic shift from OpenAI, one of the leading labs vying to create artificial intelligence with ever-increasing capabilities.

Karpathy wrote in the post on Tuesday, “My immediate plan is to work on my personal projects and see what happens.”

Karpathy, who made his second stint at OpenAI last year, was once a senior director for AI at Tesla, where he was instrumental in the development of the AI and driver assistance systems used by the electric vehicle manufacturer. 

Prior to joining Tesla, Karpathy was a staff member of OpenAI and had trained under renowned Stanford AI scientist Fei-Fei Li. He recently discussed the concept of AI in which big language models function as a novel form of operating system for computers.

In addition, on February 12, prominent representatives of civil society and tech policy in India convened by popular generative artificial intelligence startup OpenAI—best known for its ChatGPT tool—to talk about election preparation for the next general election and AI-driven disinformation.

In a time of heightened sensitivities, the Election Commission of India (ECI) could be doing much more in coordination with major tech platforms like OpenAI to combat misinformation and disinformation. This was stated by former top Indian government information technology officials and tech scholars who attended OpenAI’s private roundtable meeting in Delhi.  

Digital rights organisations, legal and policy specialists, misinformation reporters, influencers, at least one former government official, and representatives of Big Tech companies attended the civil society meeting, some participants told The Hindu.

OpenAI representatives emphasised during the discussion that they were in the nation to gain a grounding and comprehend the most critical challenges surrounding artificial intelligence, including deepfakes and synthetic media. India has emerged as the company’s second-largest user base outside of the US, making the outreach even more important.

Former Ministry of Electronics and Information (MeitY) senior director and group coordinator Rakesh Maheshwari advised the corporation to hold more in-depth discussions with the Indian government and the ECI.

The true issue is that the Election Commission of India ought to be taking more action. I understand that everyone in the room was preoccupied with OpenAI technologies and solutions and how they might be utilised to boost things with false facts. We must engage them in this matter and take further action with them. That’s what we should be concentrating on at the moment, Mr. Maheshwari stated. He served as MeitY’s director and group coordinator from 2018 to 2023.