According to authorities, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has been given Indonesia’s first golden visa as the region’s largest economy works to entice affluent overseas investors.

The launch of ChatGPT was perceived by the general public as a startling advancement, particularly in the area of generative artificial intelligence, where computer programmes produce writings or pictures based on descriptions. 

Some business strategists predicted that this would be the end of careers for screenwriters and journalists, however high-profile failures using the technology in news reporting have challenged that prediction. 

The director-general of immigration, Silmy Karim, said late Monday that the co-founder of the ChatGPT bot phenomenon had been given a 10-year visa in recognition of his prospective contributions to Indonesia’s development of artificial intelligence.

Once the holders of Golden Visa arrive in Indonesia, they no longer need to apply for a temporary stay permit at the immigration office,” he said.

We are rolling out the red carpet in return for the resources they provide to Indonesia.”

Because of his worldwide standing as the leader of the artificial intelligence research and development organisation, the US-based tech entrepreneur was also given a special visa, the official claimed.

According to the statement, the 38-year-old would be able to enter and leave Indonesia more quickly and simply with the golden visa by skipping the lines at the country’s airports for immigration.

Indonesia has introduced golden visas for investors, granting them a five-year stay after spending $2.5 million there and a ten-year stay after investing twice that much.

According to authorities, the nation wants to create an ecosystem and community for artificial intelligence as the sector grows globally.

In June, Altman spoke on artificial intelligence in Indonesia. It wasn’t clear if he applied for the visa directly to the government or whether Jakartan officials just handed it to him.