On Thursday, Olectra Greentech entered into a technology partnership with Reliance to launch hydrogen buses, a carbon-free alternative to traditional public transport.

Founded in 2000, Olectra Greentech is a pioneer in electric bus manufacturing in India. It is also India’s largest manufacturer of silicone rubber/composite insulators for transmission and distribution networks.

Olectra Greentech Limited (Olectra) is India’s largest all-electric bus manufacturer with a manufacturing facility in Hyderabad, India. Olectra is India’s first electric bus manufacturer to manufacture and introduce all types of electric buses in India.

Olectra is committed to creating, developing, maintaining, and protecting the environment with electric buses, electric light commercial vehicles, and related products. To protect the interests of stakeholders and become a global leader in the electric vehicle industry

Olectra Greentech Ltd (OGL), a subsidiary of Megha Engineering and Infrastructures Ltd (MEIL), will supply the next-generation transport system to the Indian market, according to a statement.

Given the depletion of natural resources and the negative impact of air pollution and emissions, Olectra has proactively accelerated the development of hydrogen buses.

This move will help the Indian government achieve its carbon-free hydrogen ambitions. The statement says Olectra aims to contribute to the country’s sustainable energy security through its hydrogen buses.

He informed me that the seating capacity of this 12-meter low-floor bus is adjustable from 32 to 49 passenger seats and one driver seat.

In terms of emissions, these buses only produce water in the form of tailpipe emissions. Phasing out old diesel and petrol systems and replacing them with these green buses is the main unique selling proposition.

The type of hydrogen bottle is located on top of the bus. The cylinder can withstand temperatures between (-) 20 and (+) 85 degrees Celsius. Olectra aims to bring these buses to market within a year.