Chief Minister Shri Arvind Kejriwal propounded the roadmap to achieve electric mobility throughout Delhi.

On Monday, Arvind Kejriwal declared that public mobility buses will go electric by 2025. He also said buying electric buses would go a long way in decreasing pollution levels in the city.

The government of Delhi intends to purchase 1,500 electric buses by 2023 and 6,380 electric buses by 2025 as per the reports of the agency PTI.

Addressing a ceremony at the Rajghat Depot to flag off 50 electric buses, Kejriwal said, “We have 300 electric buses now. Delhi currently has 7,379 buses on its roads, the highest number of buses plying on the roads in the last 75 years. New buses were not purchased for many years and we were also questioned over it.”

Out of the 7,379 buses, more than 4,000 are being operated by the Delhi Transport Corporation and over 3,000 through the DIMTS,” he added. 

He further shared that the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation was operating nearly 100 electric feeder buses. But as it could not run them, the Delhi government is taking over the corporation’s bus fleet,” Kejriwal stated. 

By 2025, over 10,000 buses will be there on Delhi’s roads and 80 percent of them will be electric. This is a huge step in reducing pollution,” he was quoted by PTI. 

The charging infrastructure of E-buses in many depots is currently under development but three depots already have this facility. 

He announced that the electrification of 17 depots would be completed by December and 36 depots would be electrified. E-buses are provided with features like panic buttons, cameras, and GPS.