Partnering with We Help Foundation, the nutritional gummies company had organized the arrangement offering Immuno Boost to over 500 children in Mumbai, India.

Taking part in the social contribution, the Indian startup, NutriBears Gummies steps its foot in the free distribution of immune-powering gummies to underprivileged children on September 23, 2021.

NutriBears Gummies steps forward for distributing immune boost to underprivileged children

In partnership with the Mumbai-headquartered NGO, the nutritional gummies company had organized the arrangement offering its Immuno Boost to over 500 children in Mumbai, India. The health-oriented gummies are served with the objective of bolstering the immune system and overall health of the children, thereby protecting them and strengthening their immunity to fight against various bacterial infections and viruses including the fatal Covid-19 which is on a continuous surge of spreading not only across the country but the whole world. As reported by ANI/NewsVoir, the research data shows that more than over 50% of children in India suffer from nutritional deficiencies because of various analyzed reasons including lack of a balanced diet, bad eating habits, consumption of excess junk food, eating less than the required amount of green vegetables and fruits, etc. These reasons contribute to adverse effects on children’s mental and physical growth, compromising their inner strength, energy deficiency, and underdevelopment of their immune system. 

The health-based products serving company, NutriBears is structured to bring up the growth in children’s overall health which will also help to curb the researched data of Indian children suffering from nutrition-based deficiencies. The company’s product portfolio is health-oriented and includes significant vitamins and nutritional benefits which children do not get from consuming food on a daily requirement. The gummies produced under the company are claimed to be pure vegetarian which is made directly from the natural sources available, making it super fit for consumption. In addition, the gummies are made free of artificial preservatives, gelatin, gluten, and are also lactose-intolerant friendly. The startup produces gummies in four variants, namely- Immuno Boost, Vitamin D, Multivitamin and Calcium with Vitamin D. The gummies are made in a way which is appealing to the children to consume, while fulfilling all the necessary nutritional requirements. 

Highlighting the health issues in ignored and underprivileged children, Uday Kapadia, Founder and Managing Trustee of We Help Foundation, said that whenever there’s any natural calamity, outbreak or pandemic, the undeserved section of the children are afflicted with consequences the most. Also, the donated food to these children does not necessarily contribute in fulfilling the nutritional requirements in the children’s body, especially when it comes to those who are in their growing age of three to sixteen years. The Foundation expressed the excitement when the NutriBears Gummies came forward with such an impeccable and humble idea of distributing nutrition-based gummies which makes sure that these children not only get food but also get required nutrition in their body.  He added, “We feel honored in being the chosen partner for such an out-of-the-box initiative.”

Set up in 2012, the gummies startup is the first brand to bring forth nutritional gummy bears as products in the country, manufacturing under the USFDA facility.