Nokia and Kyndryl have decided to continue their collaboration for an additional three years, having already worked together for a year and secured more than 100 clients for their 5G wireless network-based factory automation solution.

Major technology companies have teamed up with telecom equipment manufacturers like Nokia to offer private 5G networks to customers, primarily in the manufacturing sector. However, only a few companies have been successful in this industry, which is projected to expand by billions of dollars annually.

Nokia and Kyndryl have prolonged their partnership for another three years, building on their initial collaboration, which began a year ago. Their joint initiative for factory automation utilizing 5G wireless networks has garnered over 100 customers. Tech giants have joined forces with telecom infrastructure suppliers such as Nokia to market private 5G networks to clients, mainly in the manufacturing industry. However, only a handful of companies have succeeded in the business, which is forecasted to expand by billions of dollars annually.

Following their first alliance a year ago, Nokia and Kyndryl have decided to extend their partnership for three more years. They have achieved a milestone of over 100 customers for their 5G wireless network-driven factory automation system.

Several large technology firms have partnered with telecom equipment manufacturers like Nokia to sell exclusive 5G networks to consumers, mostly in the manufacturing field. Nevertheless, the industry is expected to grow by billions of dollars annually, and only a few businesses have been able to establish themselves.

According to Chris Johnson, the leader of Nokia’s enterprise division, the business grew significantly last year, with an increase in the number of customers and networks. Some customers have returned to request additional private networks for their factories following their initial adoption.

The two firms also stated that the private wireless network deployed in Dow Chemical’s Texas petrochemical plant resulted in enhanced safety for workers, as well as enabled remote audio and video collaboration, personnel tracking, and vehicle telematics.

Kyndryl’s global practice leader, Paul Savill, shared that Dow Chemical is planning to expand the private wireless network, which was successfully implemented in its Texas plant, to dozens of its other factories. Savill also added that their pipeline for private wireless network projects has been growing much faster than it has in the previous 12 months. Kyndryl is currently working with over 100 customers for private wireless networks across approximately 24 countries.

After being spun off from IBM in 2021, Kyndryl has concentrated on expanding its wireless network business and has entered into numerous agreements with cloud service providers.

According to a study by Grand View Research, the global private 5G network market is anticipated to increase from $1.38 billion in 2021 to $41.02 billion by 2030. Additionally, companies have designed industrial drones that use various sensors to monitor sites and perform surveillance tasks, although they have not yet been put to commercial use. Nonetheless, customers are showing a keen interest in these rugged and non-stop automated drone surveillance solutions, as per Johnson’s statement.