SocialBoat, founded in 2022, was counting on AI to cater to difficulties like as menstrual health, PCOS, and thyroid, among others. Swapnil Vats, one of the founders, will lead Luna Ring at Noise. Last year, Noise received a strategic investment from the worldwide consumer electronics and entertainment company Bose.

Noise Backed by Bose

Noise, a Gurugram-based audio products and wearables firm, has acquired AI startup SocialBoat to improve the AI-powered fitness and wellness capabilities on its wearable devices.

This strategic effort is part of Noise’s overall aim to develop health-specific innovation for its smart ring wearable Luna.

“SocialBoat was acquired by Noise, and I will be leading the development of the Luna Ring – a high precision smart ring that tracks and analyses over 70 biomarkers all day,” Swapnil Vats, founder of SocialBoat, stated in a LinkedIn post.

SocialBoat, founded in 2022, uses AI methods to address difficulties and deliver data-driven insights on menstrual health, PCOS, thyroid disorders, and other challenges. In January of last year, SocialBoat raised $200K in an angel fundraising round sponsored by Plan B Capital and a group of angels.

SocialBoat used OpenAI’s GPT tool to create Sakhi, a generative AI chatbot that helps women find solutions to health and hygiene queries.

Swapnil Vats, cofounder and CEO of SocialBoat, will join Noise’s innovation team as part of the acquisition. His experience with AI in the wellness arena will help Noise improve Luna Ring’s sophisticated health and fitness measurements, according to the business.

Luna AI is powered by huge language models, primarily OpenAi’s GPT-4o, and is trained on a massive dataset with over 20 million Noise users and more than 1 billion lines of data, according to Vats.

“We are certain that this strategic acquisition will drive innovation in Luna Ring. Luna Ring was launched with the goal of dramatically transforming people’ lives and sustaining the Luna environment. We recently introduced AI to Luna Ring, making us the first brand to enable smart rings with AI, and we will continue to take measures to improve the overall smart wearable experience,” said Noise cofounder Amit Khatri.

It can collect user data throughout the day and provide advise similar to a fitness coach and analyst as needed.

Noise, founded in 2014 by Amit Khatri and Gaurav Khatri, began by selling smartphone cases and accessories. Later, it began selling smart wearables and wireless headphones. Noise competes directly with Indian products like boAt and a slew of international audio and wearables companies.

Noise reported a 39.4X reduction in net profit to INR 88 Lakh in FY23 (as of March 2023), down from INR 35 Cr in the previous fiscal year, owing to a steep increase in expenses.