SuperKalam will use the funds to strengthen its AI-powered educational platform, broaden its reach, increase user experience, and drive innovation in personalized learning offerings. The round was spearheaded by YCombinator and Funders Club.

The platform employs AI-driven analytics to personalize learning routes, immediately resolve doubts, and measure students’ progress.


Image source: entrackr

SuperKalam the leading UPSC test preparation app, has finalised its initial round of seed funding worth $2 million (INR 16. 6 crore) .

The former Y Combinator’s Partners and current investors include Fundersclub, GoodWater Capital, Nurture Ventures, SuperCapital, Pareto Ventures, and Puneet Kumar.

The raised money will be utilized to scale operation of the business while developing and promoting AI-enabled test preparation platform in UPSC and enhance personalized learning products for consumers.

SuperKalam is an example of a start-up that has been selected to join Y Combinator for the Winter of 2023 and was listed in April the previous year.

SuperKalam was incorporated in July 2023 by Vimal Singh Rathore and Aseem Gupta and its main aim or goal was to extend various types of supports that include consulting services to students who have dreams to become engineers, Doctors or civil servants. It is an online platform which students can access through a fascination feature via WhatsApp and also through the Windows application.

It also uses AI in featured study schedule generation and learning task day-to-day goal setting based on each learner’s performance, checking for repeated mistakes and focused subject time. It now boasts of having 60,000 plus students enrolled and taking online classes at this site presently.

“We are thrilled to have iconic investors join us on our mission to reimagine learning in an AI-first world.” “At SuperKalam, we are committed to leading this change by shifting from unilateral content broadcasts to personalised learning that caters to each student’s specific needs,” stated cofounder and CEO Rathore in a statement. 

The SuperKalam program includes features such as daily news analysis, which is an important part of UPSC test preparation, as well as practice tests, question resolution, and AI-powered answer review.

SuperKalam is Rathore’s second edtech firm; he previously launched Coursavy, which Unacademy purchased in September 2020. Before returning to SuperKalam, Rathore worked as the head of growth and strategy at Unacademy for three years. 

Since the beginning of 2023, generative AI has gained significant attention from edtech startups. PhysicsWallah, upGrad, and other unicorns have integrated GenAI into their products and operations, but younger edtech businesses like ZuAI are solely focused on AI-powered learning.