Entertainment is a prime necessity to lead a happy life. It is a manifestation of an activity that grasps the attention of viewers that creates a sense of pleasure and delight. The entertainment industry has advanced immensely over the past years in broadcasting websites, with increasing choices for viewing content online. With the development in technology, digital media has paved its way through a peculiar entertainment revolution.

The evolution of online streaming has transformed the entertainment system. The birth of new sites and platforms for streaming made it easier for viewers to binge-watch movies or series over the web. There are a number of online streaming sites available on the internet but Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos always top the list. The reason that these sites always take the lead is that they are widely used and highly recommended by many users. It has been claimed to be the best and exclusive. Even though they both have a high preference which of the two is the best?

Netflix was founded by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph. It is one of the top online streaming video-on-demand services with subscriptions that allows its subscribers to view a huge catalog of movies and TV series from all over the world for a minimal monthly or annual fee. The entertainment industry has evolved from a simple DVD mail-order platform to a universal  Internet TV commotion. There is no success without times of failure. Netflix too has endured a lot of struggles. Yet it has advanced dramatically and gained the title of the global leader of mainstream media which is the greatest common digital name in recent times.


Amazon Prime Video is also a digital subscription-based video-on-demand streaming service that is launched and run by Amazon. It offers a yearly subscription of  INR 999 that permits its viewers to benefit from unlimited video streaming and ad-free music available on top of Amazon-exclusive deals along with free two-day shipping after a 30-day free trial. The service provides multifarious movies, TV shows, documentaries, comedy series, and many more.

Amazon Prime

Movies, series, or documentaries are always about having amazing content and a good storyline. In the case of movies, Netflix provides a whole list of classics, the latest movies, and an undivided section of Indian Films Amazon Prime Video also recommends similar content but is more engaged at promoting and airing TV shows. The number of TV shows and movies keeps adding constantly on both platforms and gets modified from time to time. In some cases, Prime Video demands the viewer to pay for some movies even after subscribing to the prime membership.  

When it comes to plans, Prime Video offers membership of INR 499 yearly to students having a substantial .edu address. Besides this other subscribers have to pay INR 129 monthly and are allowed to access upto 3 screens at one time. On the other hand, Netflix offers a membership of INR 129 – INR 499 monthly with one screen option. Other plans include INR 649 per month for two screens plus HD access and INR 799 per month for 4 screens plus Ultra HD access.

The phrase “Netflix and chill” remains true to its words. People do binge-watch shows on Netflix and chill on weekends and other days. It is able to grab the attention of a lot of viewers as it premieres every episode of a season in unison,  which persuades the viewers to watch the series as soon as it releases. 

Netflix is one of the favorite options to binge-watch shows. The original movie picked for Netflix comprehends 2020 Oscar nominees like The Two Popes,  Marriage Story, and The Irishman. While  House of Cards, Narcos, Black Mirror, 13 Reasons Why, Stranger Things Orange Is the New Black, The Crown, BoJack Horseman, and Daredevil are some of its Originals one can’t get enough of. One will find regional movies on Prime but not on Netflix. Amazon prime distinctly offers quantity over quality Netflix has a vast variety of international content but regional content needs to expand. It is extending in India and is planning to tie up with local production houses to produce regional content.


People and most students opt for cheaper plans to apply for services for good content. And Amazon does the same by providing cheaper plans rather than letting people buy costly Netflix memberships. On the other hand, who wish to settle only for good content will readily choose Netflix. Amazon Prime may not be as entertaining and relaxing as Netflix but some users find it stellar. It has the necessary content to keep the streaming going top-notch. The whole choice depends from person to person. 

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