The Agreement date of Mr. Mohit Joshi as Managing Director will be effective from 19th December 2023. 

IT services company Tech Mahindra on Saturday announced that former Infosys President Mohit Joshi has been appointed as Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Company and Key Managerial Personnel under the Companies Act, 2013, for 5 (five) years with effect from 20 December 2023 to 19 December 2028 (both days inclusive) (both days inclusive). “The Appointment of Mr. Mohit Joshi, as Managing Director (Designate) of the Company effective his date of joining the Company up to 19 December 2023,” according to a company statement.

Infosys is a large worldwide IT services firm with about 250,000 workers located in Bangalore, India. It utilizes its offshore outsourcing approach to generate 60% of its income from North America and provides conventional IT services offerings: consultancy managed services and cloud infrastructure services as well as Business Process Outsourcing (BPaaS) (BPaaS).

Infosys also offers e-business, program management, and supply chain solutions such as application development, and product co-creation.

Tech Mahindra delivers creative and customer-centric digital experiences, allowing organizations, associates, and society to Elevate for a more equitable world, future preparation, and value generation. It is a USD 6+ billion corporation with 157,000+ people across 90 countries servicing 1290 worldwide clients, including Fortune 500 organizations. 

It is focused on using next-generation technologies such as 5G, Metaverse, Blockchain, Quantum Computing, Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, and more, to allow end-to-end digital transformation for worldwide consumers. 

It is the only Indian firm in the world to obtain the HRH The Prince of Wales’ Terra Carta Seal for its dedication to developing a sustainable future. It is the fastest growing brand internationally in ‘brand value rank’ and within the top 7 IT brands globally in brand strength with AA+ grade. 

Under the NXT.NOW™ architecture, Tech Mahindra intends to improve the ‘Human Centric Experience’ for its ecosystem and promote collaborative disruption with synergies coming from a broad portfolio of firms. Tech Mahindra focuses on providing tomorrow’s experiences now and believes that the ‘Future is Now’.