In just five years since its founding, Chinese smartphone manufacturer Realme has shipped more than 100 million smartphones to India. This year, Vice President Chase Xu of the company will concentrate more on improving performance, photography, and design in order to further accelerate the company’s sales trajectory.

With its three smartphone series, it serves a wide range of market segments. The number series targets the mid-range category with advanced photography possibilities, the GT series is positioned in the high-end segment with an emphasis on more advanced technology, and the C series is focused on quality, design, and technology at a low price.

The corporation intends to prioritise modernising its branding in addition to improving its products. In an interview with us, Chase stated that the company wants to establish itself as a software company that exclusively serves the requirements and tastes of younger customers.

The corporation would be able to remain relevant in the Indian market with the support of this dual approach of product innovation and branding enhancements.

Speaking on Realme’s 2024 strategy, Chase stated that the company plans to substantially spend in Research & Development (R&D) and work with 30 technological partners to foster innovation.

“We plan to enhance research and development by an astounding 47%. This demonstrates our dedication to advancing our technological skills. This further demonstrates our goal of entering the mid-to high-range market in India,” he stated.

With its headquarters located in the Chinese city of Shenzhen, the company last year established an R&D centre in India to collect and organise feedback from customers.

We have created an R&D centre in India since we have big plans for the future there. This centre is creating a whole technological ecosystem in addition to gadgets and devices. In India, it generates 13,000 new work opportunities. This is an effort to promote localization and “make in India,” according to Chase.

In addition, he stated that Realme is dedicated to democratising 5G technology in India, taking into account consumers’ rising inclination for 5G devices.

Regarding artificial intelligence (AI), he predicted that its incorporation into smartphones will spread like wildfire in the future, greatly enhancing and elevating the user experience overall.

Realme wants to rank among the top five smartphone companies worldwide. It is currently ranked sixth globally, and according to Chase, it needs to improve its performance in three areas: technology progress, brand enhancement, and product excellence.