The position of the Tech Head will be replaced by Andrew Bosworth who is the creator of the AR/VR organization of Facebook, named as ‘Facebook Reality Labs’ in 2020.

On September 22, 2021, Facebook’s tech-head Mike Schroepfer announced that he was quitting the platform as its Chief Technology Officer.

It was unveiled through his post on Facebook that the position of Tech Head will be replaced by Andrew Bosworth who supervises the social networking platform’s spurred reality as well as virtual reality efforts, products including Oculus Quest VR headset for instance. It is reported by Reuters that Bosworth will take over the position in 2022.

Bosworth is the creator of the AR/VR organization of Facebook which was named ‘Facebook Reality Labs’ in 2020.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, shared through a blog post dedicating to the employees that Bosworth will be leading the social media company’s reality labs as its Chief Technology Officer where he will be responsible for supervising the overall work in augmented reality as well as virtual reality. In addition, some of the other groups will be tying up with Boz (Bosworth)’s new team. 

Zukerberg further said that this step is crucial to the collective and broader efforts that will contribute to bolstering the iteration of future technology space and metaverse. “and I’m excited about the future of this work under Boz’s leadership,” he added. 

Facebook has been witnessing condemnation by civil groups, legislators, and regulators from around the world on the platform for its fanaticism and misleading information which has put the company under a lot of pressure. As a step to curb this issue, the company now wants to enhance its operations in order to resolve the problem by working on the restructuring and moderation of its content and recommendation generation system, ensuring transparency, as well as improving the privacy and security system. It was also brought into notice a few months ago that the company was pooling in a product team for making considerable improvements as a part of FRL (Facebook Reality Labs) 

Not just the moderation of the existing features but the platform also aims to construct a metaverse for which it has been fueling its efforts undeniably. Zukerberg is certain this metaverse to be the next gigantic computing platform. 

After the step down of the company’s Technology Head, Schroepfer will reportedly turn for a part-time position in the platform as its Senior Fellow in 2022 after being a part of the company since 2008. Zukerberg informed that as his new transitional position in the platform, Schroepfer will be responsible for discharging recruitment functions for the company, thereby contributing in developing and enhancing technical talent as well as stimulating investments in AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Schroepfer was not the first individual as a leader to quit his position in the platform, there are other leaders who quitted the company in the recent past including Fidji Simo, head of the company’s main app, and Carolyn Everson, the Chief of Global ads. 

(Source: Reuters)