On Thursday, Global tech giant Microsoft will discuss a project with the Telangana government to establish one of its most extensive data centres with an investment outlay of about USD 2 to 2.25 billion here, sources close to the development announced.

Microsoft to discuss with Telangana Government for establishing up $2-billion data centre

Telangana Minister for IT and Industries KT Rama Rao thrust off the means of discussions by opening conversations with Microsoft several months ago. If these discussions flourish, this would be one of the significant investments of Microsoft outside the USA. As per PTI’s sources, “The discussions are in the final stage. Certain issues such as whether it would be a single location or multiple and the size of the investment are yet to be finalised. Microsoft appears to be willing to go ahead with setting up a data centre here, though officially not confirmed,”.

A top official of the State IT Department stated the Redmond, Washington-based IT bellwether requested the state government not to reveal the details of the conversations; when contacted. An email addressed to the PR agency of Microsoft has not waived any reply. Microsoft is hoping to establish data centres in at least ten more countries this year. The company is proceeding to institute between 50 and 100 new data centres each year for the inevitable future. Noelle Walsh, a Microsoft corporate vice-president who drives the team that develops and administers the company’s cloud infrastructure, previously reported.

Microsoft India Development Centre is one of Microsoft’s most comprehensive Research and Development centres outside the Redmond headquarters established in 1998 in Hyderabad. The centre serves Microsoft’s strategy of globally shared advancement to manufacture products and render services.