“Together with more than 50 non-governmental organization partners around the world, Meta is supporting UK Revenge Porn Helpline’s launch of StopNCII.org to help stop the non-consensual sharing of intimate images (NCII) on the internet.” Meta announces on Thursday.

Technological advances have made people connect with each other on an intimate level. Allowing people from exchanging texts to have a live conversation. But if abused by any person the situation can take a drastic turn of events with the abusee facing emotional trauma or suicidal thoughts.

Meta announces new initiatives for women safety in India
Meta announces new initiatives for women safety in India

Taking these events into consideration – To stop “Revenge Porn” – Meta has stepped up in partnership with UK Revenge Porn Helpline to launch StopNCII.org and more than 50 organizations across the world.

“This platform is the first global initiative of its kind to safely and securely help people.” Meta proudly announces in an article titled, ‘Strengthening Our Efforts Against the Spread of Non-Consensual Intimate Images.’

Meta has also taken the initiative to launch StopNCII.org in India. The company has also launched the Women’s Safety Hub offering services in Hindi and additional 11 other Indian languages. To help gain access to this information to more women in India.

In India, the company has partnered with organizations such as Social Media Matters, Centre for Social Research, and Red Foundation for the initiative. Karuna Nain, Director of global safety policy at Meta Platform, said the company is about to spend more than $5 billion on safety and security this year.

“It gives victims control. People can come to this platform proactively, hash their intimate videos and images, share their hashes back with the platform and participating companies,” Nain said.

StopNCII.org ensures that after a victim submits their case, it will work with participating companies such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Bumble, Discord, and others to erase such images.

“The tool works by generating a hash from someone’s intimate image(s)/video(s), where a unique hash value is added to an image. Duplicate copies of the image all have the exact same hash value. StopNCII.org then shares the hash with participating companies so they can help detect and remove the images from being shared online.” The Indian Express, reports.“At Meta, building a safe online experience has been a priority and our commitment and efforts to keep women safe are industry-leading. We are confident that with our ever-growing safety measures, women will be able to enjoy a social experience which will enable them to learn, engage and grow without any challenges,” Karuna Nain stated.