Mercedes-Benz said on Monday that it will conduct level 3 autonomous driving testing on specified routes in Beijing, without specifying a time limit.

The German manufacturer said on Saturday that it was one of the first businesses permitted by the Beijing local government to conduct such experiments, as the regulator speeds the mainstream deployment of highly automated driving technology.

Mercedes has been testing its L3 autonomous driving technology in China since 2021, according to the firm.

Mercedes-Benz has developed a massive plan and employs its marketing strategy to generate outstanding advertising campaigns all over the world.

Mercedes-Benz’s marketing approach was formerly centered on safety, luxury, and precise engineering. However, rising competition and changing customer views about the Mercedes-Benz brand have modified this approach. Their marketing strategy is now more lifestyle-focused, presenting a more accessible, fun-loving, and dynamic Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes-Benz wants to redefine itself. It is transitioning away from being a corporation identified by its gas-guzzling luxury sedans and sports automobiles. Mercedes-Benz will relaunch its premium category with a broader lineup of automobiles. Mercedes-Benz must make this adjustment to become renowned for its value and range of car designs, rather than the three-pointed star. 

McCall & McCall devised the tagline change from “Engineered Like No Other Cars in the World” to “Sacrifice None.” provided an impassioned remark regarding the company’s new marketing approach.

Over time, the target market and Mercedes lines have grown. The C-class, which replaced the 190 series as a low-end product; the E-class, a luxury midsize vehicle; the S-class, for high-end luxury automobiles, which formerly made up the whole product line; and the SL, for sports cars, were among them.

Mercedes-Benz’s marketing approach has developed in direct proportion to the company’s target market growth. This now covers those aged 25 to 45, as well as the initial target demographic of baby boomers. Mercedes-Benz is dedicated to delivering greater customer value to its target audience by growing its product line, offering more competitive pricing, boosting communications with the target market, retaining customers, and continuing to provide exceptional customer service.

Mercedes-Benz’s marketing approach is less successful than that of BMW. Mercedes, in particular, spends a lot of money on advertising initiatives.

Mercedes-Benz is one of the world’s top luxury vehicle brands. Mercedes’ goods are one of its stronger strengths. Mercedes-Benz’s marketing mix product plan includes a diverse variety of passenger automobiles, light commercial vehicles, and heavy equipment vehicles. 

However, the luxury automobile market, which includes sedans, SUVs, and sports cars, will be the most powerful in its product range. It has the A-class, B-class, and CLA in the new generation sector. The sedan lineup includes the E-class, C-class, and S-class. Mercedes-Benz also offers a large choice of cabriolets and roadsters, as well as SUVs such as the GLA, GLE, GLC, and GLS.