A devotion towards a craft aligns with a holistic journey of life. Sometimes we do a task just for the sake of survival. Looking into the ropes of entrepreneurship is similar to the latter mindset and Business Outreach Magazine cannot beg to differ. Leaders show insights to a future, where product turns into consumer emotions. Today, we want our readers to invest their attention into the story of Twinkle Bhutani, a leader navigating creativity in designer Indian jewelry. 

A Brief History-

When we analyze pathways of a curious and rejuvenating story, inspiration takes a front seat. The 23 years old entrepreneur falls into the category of resilience and persistence in today’s adaptable society. Twinkle Bhutani initiated her business acumen from the age of 19 after completing her graduation in International Business and Marketing from Symbiosis International University. With this knowledge, it helped Twinkle strategize the scalability canvas of her first venture in 2019, Webdwiz, a digital marketing company

Well! Twinkle Bhutani always knew that behind every success story comes multiple accounts of roadblocks and hurdles. She had to pull back from Webdwiz due to several reasons and nostalgically recalls the learning she gathered from her experience. Interestingly, giving up does not come into Twinkle’s vocabulary. In 2022, she launched Ikra, a premium modern Indian oxidized jewelry brand. The jewelry design industry happens to be very close to Twinkle’s interest and comes with limitless potential for growth and innovation. 

Struggles and Success Story-

Understanding closely into Ikra’s vision under the leadership of Twinkle, the Indian oxidized jewelry industry is timeless. This is where design is the collaborated definition of culture, heritage and craftsmanship. With Ikra, Twinkle is aiming to bring her goals to an ecosystem, where consumers can appreciate the fine mastery of Indian oxidized jewelry. 

Ikra has recently collaborated with the renowned movie celebrity, Gunveen Manchanda, who will add influence and deeper bond with the consumers. When we asked Twinkle Bhutani about her token of inspiration, she added, “In a world where being true to yourself is a revolutionary act, our brand embraces the bold and confident modern Indian woman who is not afraid to conquer the world, while staying  connected to her cultural roots.” 

Key Takeaways-

Looking into the brand vision of Ikra, it emits confidence among women, who want to embrace their rich cultural heritage. Ikra, under the leadership of Twinkle, is something more holistic than an accessory. Ikra portrays “blending modern femininity with cultural originality.” The craftsmanship that goes behind Ikra’s design ensures longevity, luster and a timeless appeal towards fashion. 

Twinkle has strategized Ikra with a diverse canvas that aligns with both traditional and contemporary fashion statements of an individual. Twinkle is opening Ikra’s first flagship store in East Delhi on the 10th of November, 2023 along with planning to go global by 2024. In the words of Twinkle Bhutani, “Ikra is not just wearing jewelry; but wearing boldness, timelessness, and uniqueness.” Ikra aspires to be India’s first luxury oxidized jewelry brand, catering to the evolving tastes and preferences of modern Indian women.