Imagine having to go to work in a car that looks unwashed for years. Imagine getting off that car in front of colleagues who think of how you dress well but the car you come in looks filthy. Everyone who has a car will resonate with the idea of treating it like a person who needs pampering. However, how many of us have the time to take it to the primary dealer? Not many. Just out of this opportunity TRIUMB was born.
TRIUMB is a platform, dedicated to car cleaning as well as providing local garage comparisons on their website. It plans to collaborate with various organizations across the country which will allow people get their cars cleaned while they are parked inside the organization on a daily, weekly or monthly package basis.

Tanmay Goyal

It is an App-based Car Cleaning Management platform making car cleaning easy, cost-effective and time-saving. The mission is to build the most efficient and user-friendly platform for automotive solutions. The man behind TRIUMB is Tanmay Goyal, Founder and Managing Director. Tanmay is ambitious and self-driven. He continuously thrives on challenge and constantly set goals for himself so that he keeps hustling. Tanmay has never settled for just anything and keeps on the move with an effort to achieve more.
The idea to build your next-door car cleaning platform was lingering around with Tanmay for over 6 years, before he finally took the plunge and courage to gather around like-minded individuals, and brought them on the team. The company started with a bunch of innovative and diligent minds from Manipal University Jaipur coming together to map out the future of the company on paper, during the pandemic of 2020. Spending months on the research, market analysis and developing a profitable business plan the company finally got officially registered in March 2021 and is now in its pre-launch phase, already in talks with many investors to seek funding.
A coach and mentor to his team, Tanmay leads the team from the front. As a leader, he coordinates to make sure that the company walks on the right track and nurtures the values and services which the consumers desire and deserve. With the support and encouragement from family, friends and team, TRIUMB has made its way into the market and it desires to continue the venture of reaching great heights.
Tanmay’s TRIUMB has received recognition on major public platform. His major achievement lies in completion of a year of TRIUMB and the feedback given by his loyal customers. Today TRIUMB has achieved a lot of milestones in creating a brand name for waterless car cleaning services around Rajasthan.
“The value of an idea lies in the using of it. – Thomas Edison. We at Triumb believe that everything should be a call away. Moving forward with this belief we plan to build a next-door car cleaning platform along with local garage comparisons. We wish to collaborate with various organizations across the country to avail the benefit of our services.”, concludes Tanmay.