There is a calming breeze that joins two souls to the journey of life. The beauty of weddings enchants us with the fragrance of the flowers. The music of love comforts us with the creation of faith and trust between the groom and the bride. To walk towards forever can be adventurous and overwhelming. So it is pivotal to collaborate with a leader, who takes wedding events. Management as a holistic process. Business Outreach Magazine aims to showcase the success story of Manish Fitkariwala, whose diverse experience in the industry expresses unparalleled notes of leadership. 

A Brief History-

Manish Fitkariwala founded Catapultt Weddings with the objective to combine creativity with effective management practices. We all love weddings and Manish is focusing on seamlessly embracing his organizational skills. From wedding venue to ritual stage, there are enormous possibilities for artistry for Manish Fitkariwala. He is extremely vocal about how wedding planning uplifts his entrepreneurial spirit. But the road to business scalability comes after garnering experience and resilience. 

Manish Fitkariwala amassed 22 years of experience, where for 15 years he worked in top management of companies like IBM, Lenovo, Xerox and Canon. He offered his expertise to Sri Lankan industry for about 13 years and had the opportunity to travel to various regions. His experience with different cultures and demographics shaped his intellect with dominant entrepreneurial acumen. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

Catapultt Weddings, under the leadership of Manish Fitkariwala, emits brilliance with fabrics and floral resources. Their industry standard quality control has helped them create long-lasting relationships with clients. Manish shares that building Catapultt Weddings required several notes of analysis. It included building a strong digital presence to portray the credibility of the brand. The team also strategized customized packages for clients, who were keen towards a mesmerizing event. Manish cannot stress enough on the usage of proper software and digital tools for streamlining operations, managing budget and seamlessly communicating with clients. 

Additionally, the industry expertise of Manish compounded in supervising the growth metrics of Catapultt Weddings. For any business to succeed, the presence of a strong team is important. Manish Fitkariwala always shaped his company to foster inspiration and productivity. At Catapultt Weddings, clients always come first. The team is looking forward to offering micro-wedding that includes only close friends and family. 

Key Takeaways-

With the rise of technology, Manish Fitkariwala is tailoring his business to operate with AI-powered assistants. The room for opportunity is massive where Catapultt Weddings and Manish Fitkariwala ensure process purity with traditional rituals, entertainment and memorable experiences. 

But the pathway towards such progress often came with severe challenges along the way. Rising competition along with changing market trends kept Manish Fitkariwali on his toes. There have been additional requests or ‘scope creep’ from several clients which upheld the presence of an agreeable contract. Most importantly, Manish has always stepped forward with backup at times of uncertainties or vendors canceling the project at crucial hours. 

Nevertheless, Manish Fitkariwala enjoys the entire ecosystem of wedding planning, where he gets to be a part of a spiritual and emotional journey of two individuals. When we asked Manish Fitkariwala about his take on success, he shared a quote by Richard Branson, “Service is not about fixing problems; it’s about anticipating them and exceeding expectations.”