Medicine fosters quality of life and enriches society with good health. The world has developed so much with the availability and accessibility of quality medicine. It is for medicines that we surpassed the massacre of COVID-19 pandemic. We laud the commitment of doctors, medical professionals and the industry for navigating through the challenges of that time. Today, Business Outreach Magazine cannot hold itself back from featuring the remarkable success story of Suash Sinha. His drive to progress the pharma industry is nothing short of exceptional.

Suash Sinha

Suash Sinha is the second generation entrepreneur leading Radius Drugs Pvt. Ltd. (RDPL) towards scalability. A brand that has been built with passion by his father Mr. Shailesh Sinha, Suash chooses to take Radius Drugs to further heights of growth. When it comes to leadership, Suash Sinha expresses great deal of focus in product ideation, sales strategy and maintaining optimum customer experience. With a Bachelors of Engineering degree along with a Masters in Business Administration, Suash Sinha goes above and beyond to excel in the pharmaceutical industry in Uttar Pradesh.

RDPL has been operational in PAN Uttar Pradesh. With Suash forward-thinking approach and his father’s decades of experience and guidance, the company is planning to expand their business in Maharashtra. Great parenting is aligned with a greater entrepreneurial mindset. And this is evident from the mentoring skills of Shailesh Sinha on Suash . Mr. Shailesh guided Suash to start his career at the company as a Medical Representative with a set target for 1 year. Compassion towards his job helped Suash to reach that target in just 8 months, post which he started managing the business scalability of all operations. 

What is most noteworthy while analyzing Suash’s story was his great respect for doctors, who saved us from the COVID-19 pandemic. As a matter of fact, when we understand the experience of Suash Sinha in the pharma industry, it is basically from the time he can remember in childhood. He witnessed the ups and downs in RDPL and learned how his father tackled any obstacles that came along the way. Suash Sinha believes in an open-work culture that synergizes with clear communication for professional and business growth. 

He organizes a monthly meeting with his employees, where they discuss growth and learns from any shortcomings. For Suash , it is still like the times of his MR days. He truly feels in the shoes of a fresh employee and trains them to embrace the market. Suash Sinha knows about peer competition and how to navigate a career through swift thinking and proactive measures. When we asked Suas Sinha about his take on success, he said, “Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.”