The challenges towards a dream are limitless but so is the power of faith and determination. We all are accustomed to those dark times, which pushes us to a lifeless corner of a wall and questions our abilities with monstrous judgments. But interestingly, even in the modern age, it seems the stairs towards success are more steep for a woman. 

Our society makes it almost too difficult for a woman to balance the fulcrum equally between career and family. Business Outreach Magazine has nothing short of boundless respect for these women, who are shaping the growth curve for excellence and not shying away from magnificence.

A Brief History- 

Today, we want to draw the curtains for an emerging leader, who is trying to disrupt the food industry with impeccable customer service and mouth-watering recipes. We should make our way to Siddhi Nawani, Founder of GPAK Ventures, which is offering multiple diverse business models in the cloud kitchen and food industry. 

When we got to know about Siddhi, her transparent vibe towards humility and gratitude spoke for her perspective towards formulating a business model. She started ‘ITZ ABOUT BIRYANI’ in January 2022, considering the fan-following towards the dish in India. Her business encompasses residential apartments with almost 60,000 families in one of the most growing locations in Bangalore. From the beginning, Siddhi wanted to create her food business with the blueprints of values and productivity. 

Struggles and Success Stories- 

When it comes to quality of food and customer satisfaction, Siddhi knows that these are the prime essentials for any food business. With the rapid increase of food delivery apps and quick service, Siddhi steered her business towards cloud kitchen setup that is backed with efficiency and technology. Reports suggest that the domestic cloud kitchens market is projected to reach US$ 2 billion by 2024.

 From providing samples to customers to joining community activities and running high tea meetings, Siddhi surely got to understand the indispensable effort to customer relationship. Currently, she also relaunched ‘ITZ ROLICIOUSSS’ which focuses on rolls and bowls. And the food being served from here is freshly prepared for each order and not frozen alternatives. ITZ ROLICIOUSSS was her first food venture that she began at home in 2021, and was successfully running, but kept on hold as a strategic decision of introducing ITZ ABOUT BIRYANI. 

Key Takeaways –

With the passage of time, businesses and entrepreneurs have to innovate themselves and their strategy. Siddhi wants to accelerate the operational efficiency of her business by trying to serve orders faster with the help of more skilled individuals and precise business management. They are aiming to open 12 more cloud kitchens across Bangalore by 2025. 

Their unique franchise model, ‘Kitchen in the Box’, offers plug and play kitchen set up which can make a space ready to operate within a week. Furthermore, their Biryani Masala is also in the process to reach retail stores along with the introduction of ‘5 minutes Biryani’ which is targeting the millennials. The sales revenue of the company was about Rs. 60 lakh in 2022 and they are expecting a 2-fold revenue growth of Rs. 1.2 crore in 2023.

Siddhi is dominant towards exceptional growth and from the looks of it she is enjoying her journey. Her mindset towards life and its gift often thrills her with utmost joy and she aims to share these by providing basic meals to at least 500 underprivileged people and also supporting stray animals. Siddhi lives by her saying, “When the voice and the vision on the inside become more profound and clearer and louder than the opinions on the outside, you have mastered your life”.