There is a unique perspective behind the effectiveness of leadership and innovation. The magnanimity of such thought processes fosters partnership and value creation. In the realm of technology, there can be room for limitless opportunities. But it can only be harnessed with visionaries trying to curate pathways for a sustainable economy. Business Outreach Magazine has a goal to empower such leaders, who are walking towards the direction of uplifting the society. 

A Brief History-

We want our readers to understand the growth trajectory of Nilesh Mate, who has been in  the IT industry for about 29 years. There cannot be enough notes of appreciation behind Nilesh’s commitment towards the technology niche. His diverse sets of passion towards work and other creative pursuits like singing and building beautiful fish aquariums, indicate warmth and respect towards life. 

Nilesh Mate has shaped himself to be a strategic thinker and quick learner. His proactive measures towards his work allowed him to tackle challenging and overwhelming situations. Nilesh Mate founded Techriigour with the objective to address technological solutions for businesses of any size. He recalls the times when COVID hit the economy which forced several small and medium-sized (SMEs) enterprises to shut down due to lack of digital infrastructure. For an SME, it is a tedious and costly process to set up an in-house digital system. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

These gaps at a micro business level, motivated Nilesh to create Techriigour and help small businesses gain their margins. Interestingly, with 29 years in the IT industry, Nilesh Mate has collaborated with several reputed brands like British Telecom from Great Britain, Telkomsel from Indonesia, TMobile from the USA, AT&T in the USA, Vodafone in Europe region and many more. But a large part of his mind still draws towards social work and a rising curiosity to help others. He has been working in leadership roles since 2004 and in this tenure, Nilesh has played several pivotal roles for company growth and scalability. 

Success is for those who also choose to embrace the challenges that come along with it. Nilesh has worked with several clients and brilliantly grasped their needs for a project. His communication skills helped Nilesh to seamlessly deliver results and build a sustainable relationship with his clients. During the early days of his career, Nilesh Mate started with a local organization which allowed him to work at a grassroot level. For Nilesh, it has always been about teamwork and going above and beyond for the clients. 

Nilesh Mate completed Bachelors in Computer Science (BCS) in 1995 followed by Masters of Business Administration (MBA – Computers) in 1997. With Techriigour, Nilesh Mate specializes in providing IT products to the Indian market. Techriigour’s tagline, A Powerhouse of IDEAs, is built on the system of collaborating with like-minded professionals. There have been several instances when Nilesh navigated his career towards further growth. Each time he truly upheld the importance of working for India and helping grow its economy. India is currently heading towards ‘Amrit Kaal’, where the next 25 years should dictate immense creation of opportunities, value and scalability. Nilesh’s take on such a prosperous moment is marked by Techriigour’s state-of-the-art ecosystem for SMEs. 

In his distinguished career, Nilesh Mate has achieved several benchmarks like Employee of the Year (4 times in various organizations), Best Project Management Practitioner for BT (recognized by Director BT Wholesale), Best LEAN implementation to deliver highest savings, First to implement Test Management Office for one of the clients at Amdocs and Most consistent performer – for delivering to the commitment. 

Key Takeaways-

Nilesh Mate’s monumental leadership capabilities include establishing, streamlining and stabilizing the Program Management Office for Tech Mahindra starting with 1 resource and taking it to 51 resources. He managed a program worth $104 mn for one of the telecom clients of Amdocs by establishing a Test Management Office. Nilesh trained hundreds of associates to become PMP Certified and various leaders to become ITIL Experts. 

He worked as a Program Head for JioMoney wallet in the year 2015-16, coordinating and managing as many as 13 vendors. Additionally, Nilesh Mate has been a key contributor for a UK based organization, Rezolve Ltd and helped them establish their footprint in India by forming India Entity. But all these achievements also came with several roadblocks along the way. Nilesh shares that keeping up with advancement in technology has been an analytical process. With more influx of technology, there has also been a rise in fraudulent activities. It has always been a necessary task to retain the trust of clients as Nilesh Mate has always believed in transparency in business. 

Techriigour was established by like-minded professionals with collective experience of more than 75 years in IT, Finance and Insurance industry. The team is and will always bend towards providing technological solutions to boost the business, be it small, medium or large, by providing cost effective and yet best quality services. With their first product, VelocITt™, Techriigour is all set to change the dynamics of m-Commerce platform in India. When we asked Nilesh Mate regarding his perspective towards success, he said, “If you don’t face obstacles, you have chosen the wrong path.”