Time and technology wait for none as we move ahead towards a sustainable future. The leaders navigating the industry of technology are engraved with resilience and determination. Interestingly, the most striking factor that roars entrepreneurship is the determination to achieve great benchmarks of success. Today, Business Outreach Magazine highly looks towards the success story of Nikhil Gupta. His 17 years of industry experience in IT allowed Nikhil to tailor seamless IT infrastructure and Cybersecurity solutions to the clients. 

A Brief History-

Nikhil Gupta founded Auxiliary Digitech in 2021, when the world itself was undergoing tough times. The purpose of a fulfilled life is subtle, yet so deep, according to Nikhil Gupta. He is a family lover and passionate about his work. From his early career days, Nikhil incorporated immense industry experiences. But deep down, the idea of building something of his own often pushed around his mind. 

The tagline of Auxiliary Digitech is ‘Growing Together’ and Nikhil highly regards an inclusive team supporting long lasting clientele. Under the leadership of Nikhil Gupta, Auxiliary Digitech caters to a diverse range of clients from Manufacturing, Education, Retailer, E-commerce, Digital media, BFSI and Health sector. Auxiliary Digitech specializes in EDR, XDR, Data Backup, SASE, DLP, Email Security, Cloud Posture Management, ZTNA, Mobile Device Management (MDM), Firewall and Networking and Cloud Services. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

Diving deep into the mission of Auxiliary Digitech, Nikhil Gupta is optimistic towards emerging technologies like SASE, EDR, MDR, and SOC Services. Additionally, the company navigates distinctive knowledge and know-how towards end point detection & response, XDR, data security, data centers networking & Infra. Auxiliary Digitech is further strengthening Sales & technology team for SASE, Cloud Security, owasp top10 vulnerabilities mitigation, securing generative AI and strategizing robust ecosystem for their supportive clients. 

Nikhil has always advocated true appreciation for his client base of the Small and Medium sized businesses. Providing effective cybersecurity solutions for them has been giving him great perspective towards more collaboration with technology vendors. The company has successfully integrated process optimization and automation strategies to reduce any friction in services being offered. 

Key Takeaways-

Most importantly, Nikhil Gupta understands the importance of team building. He has always empowered a supportive work environment. To Nishant, open communication holds a key place for growth of the company. The company has also created wellness campaigns to synergize joy and productivity in the workplace. Amongst all triumphs, there have been several challenges along the way. 

The company was created during the second wave of COVID-19. But due to the support of the team, OEMs, distributors and clients, Auxiliary Digitech paved new paths of success. In the next decade, Auxiliary Digitech with leaders like Nikhil Gupta is planning to build a Cyber Security Experience Centre with their OEMs. When we asked Nikhil about his take on entrepreneurship, he said, “If you want something you never had, then do something you never did.”

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