The world of entrepreneurship is adventurous, but also seeks areas of expertise. Here, a leader sculpts their business acumen to curate some of the best service for the market. Along the way, an effective ecosystem and stellar reputation is also generated. Today, society needs visionaries, who can show the path towards creative excellence. Business Outreach Magazine wants our readers to seek in the marvelous success story of Kiran B. Ramakrishna, a serial entrepreneur and business mogul.

A Brief History-

With over two decades of industry experience in business development, PLC and PL, Kiran B. Ramakrishna has had a distinguished career working for major international markets. His time at offices in London, Paris, Seoul and Bangalore has shaped his reputation as a leader, working with cutting-edge technology. His focus throughout has been to provide efficient and full-stack solutions to the clients. Look, Kiran is a straight arrow and aims to create an inclusive ecosystem rather than just a great product. 

This helped him with the foundations of, which is one of the fastest growing ecommerce enablement platforms in today’s market. Under the supervision of Kiran B. Ramakrishna, provides end-to-end full-stack Product Information, Cataloging, and Marketing Platform for retail and online businesses to keep their product catalogs consistently updated and speed up the product localization process with minimal human intervention.

Struggles and Success Stories-

But most importantly, Kiran opens up about the pivotal factor of a supportive team. Although artificial intelligence draws its fair share of constructive criticism, finding the right talent for the job has always been a task for Kiran B. Ramakrishna. As for him, collaboration and organic growth goes a long way for a business. 

And this has been the mantra for Kiran’s enormous scalability in his other ventures as well. Kiran expresses that for any company to make it big, the vision of a higher growth has always outperformed the notion of just making profits. Such ideologies always shed the kind of positive textbook company culture. is a recipient of the “Idea2PoC / ELEVATE Award”, a Government of Karnataka initiative. This paints valuable credibility to the canvas of team growth.    

Key Takeaways-

Kiran is a staunch believer of optimal customer experience. His business model and stellar entrepreneurial mindset helped catalog over 5M SKUs for 200+ leading eCommerce brands like Amazon, Hudson Bay US, Zilingo Singapore, The Luxury Closet-UAE and Myntra in India, the US, Singapore, and other international markets. When we asked Kiran B. Ramakrishna about his note of inspiration, he said, “Embrace challenges as stepping stones, and let your experience be the compass guiding you and rest to new heights.”