The compassion to grow in life should never cease to exist within. It is this energy that defines the purpose behind human existence. With the passage of time, we always progress and develop ourselves to create a society that fosters confidence, support and knowledge. There cannot be a pure path other than helping others. And science and medicine commits towards a large portion of welfare to the society. Business Outreach Magazine moves ahead to collaborate with Dr. Prakash Kumar Khute, whose decades of resilience evolved his career to great heights. 

Dr. Prakash Kumar Khute

A Brief History-

Dr. Prakash Kumar Khute founded Skinroots Clinics as one of the best places for skin and hair care. With more than 15 years of experience in the medical industry along with more than a decade of experience in dermatology, Dr. Prakash is an exceptional leader, but more importantly, a compassionate individual. The most commendable fact about Dr. Prakash is his equal devotion towards family and profession. Such a mindset only indicates Dr. Prakash’s conscious efforts to balance the necessities of life. 

From a career standpoint, Dr. Prakash Kumar has been very vocal about imparting significant impact towards the society. His expertise in medicine and becoming a doctor all rounds up to help others in a broader spectrum. Dr. Prakash did his schooling in a small town in Chhattisgarh Bilaspur. He pursued his MBBS at a government medical college in Chhattisgarh. 

Struggles and Success Stories-

Furthermore, Dr. Prakash cracked the AIIMS PG exam and NEET in 2012 and got admission in AIIMS New Delhi, where he completed his MD in Dermatology. Additionally, Dr. Prakash did 1-year Senior residency at AIIMS and got trained in hair transplant. 

The road of entrepreneurship is indeed challenging and demands a great deal of patience. Dr. Prakash operates Skinroots clinic in Delhi with an additional branch in Raipur. He has a plan to open 100 clinics in the next 10 years and thereby expand throughout PAN India. Currently the venture has a revenue of Rs. 3 crore. But the emerging leader faced tremendous hurdles while scaling his business. Dr. Prakash while opening his clinic for the first time in Delhi had no prior contacts, nor did he have a supportive capital. After collaborating with a senior, he opened a clinic in Delhi and worked very hard, ultimately making it profitable after 2 years. 

Key Takeaways-

Interestingly, a disagreement with his partner made him back out from the business, without even getting the due amount after dissolution of partnership. He returned to Raipur and looked for capital when COVID-19 hit the world. It was a time when Dr. Prakash did online consultation  for 12 to 16 hours, charging very less money. After the first wave, Dr. Prakash did open his clinic in Delhi, but was again affected with the second wave of COVID-19. For several months, business was shut down and Dr. Prakash had to pay huge rent for the clinic space. 

The world is for those who are kind and compassionate. Business picked up after the pandemic and revenue skyrocketed, thus garnering purpose and progress for Dr. Prakash Kumar Khute. When we asked Dr. Prakash about his vision on life, he said, “You got only one life time, do whatever best you can do with it.”