Fast and adaptive is the current order of the world. In order to thrive in this changing economy it is always necessary to keep a close supervision on the best return on investment financial  assets. By now, we all know the uncertainty of global currency and how it can rapidly drop its value in a very short period of time

In an age, where people are starting to rely on multiple income streams to just maintain a basic standard of living, getting more insights on various lucrative opportunities is a no brainer. The internet has been around us for more than a decade and since the dot com bubble, it has transformed into a mighty inanimate superbeing. 

The v.1 of the internet was when computers were being able to be linked to one another. Followed by that the next version was the emergence of social media and the internet became interactive. Currently, we are in a technology transition where the third version is going to address pain points like inflation, cost volatility, efficient transaction and several others. 

Business Outreach Magazine has collaborated with a brilliant team where it gives us immense pleasure to introduce Sidharth Shukla, Ankit Bhasin, Abhishek Bhandari and Anshit Jindal, the four pillars of Crypque Private Limited, the innovative crypto assets platform that in ‘Made in India’. 

A Brief History : 

Cryptocurrency is a technical and knowledge concerning domain in our modern society. But with Crypque Private Limited, Sidharth, Ankit, Abhishek and Anshit want to simplify the usage to the masses and have been excited ever since to make you understand the untapped possibilities. You see, every technology has to be made for the general mass and it should keep on resolving the current drawbacks in the hierarchy of our systems. 

Cryptocurrency and blockchain has been created with a prior purpose to limit the insurmountable inflation and enhance the value of our purchasing power. Crypque wants every person to have better accessibility to cryptocurrency. The founders and the team are building the platform with the idea that users can keep their crypto assets and apply that to their day to day transactions like fiat currency.

Struggles and Success Stories : 

Crypque is creating their ecosystem where users can make utility services payments, UPI, IMPS, P2P buying and selling, credit card payments, insurance premium payments. The perspective is to gather Crypque similar to sites like Paytm, Google Pay, Phonepe and others. 

The team at Crypque said to us that they want to build an inclusive community and not just be like just another fintech company. They want to showcase three of their initial products like Tronado token, which is their proprietary offering, the Mobicryp USDT Minting Platform and their Cryp, which is the crypto payment solution. 

Diving towards Tronado, it is their in-house token that is based on the Binance Smart Chain. The token serves utility purposes on the platforms that are collaborating with the Tronado blockchain ecosystem. These consist of a wide array of features like payment solutions services, video dating, QR Code POS service, online gaming and many others.

 Crypque says that there will be about 250 million Tronado tokens, out of which 240 million will be binded by a smart contract. Only 25 lakhs tokens will be released from the smart contract in every 90 days and estimates indicate that it will take about 24 years to release the total amount of tokens into the market. What’s more interesting is that Crypque has also scheduled a 20% burn mechanism from the supply, which will increase the value of tokens by reducing the supply.

Such a planned initiative takes us back to the time of barter and gold era, when currency structure was at its infancy. People had enough space to understand the economy and the value of money was pristine. With that being said, Crypque wants to introduce the Mobicryp minting platform based on cloud based architecture in partnership with global minting and arbitrage organizations. 

Crypque wants to support the cause of high ROI and bring forward a sustainable income stream with impressive returns. When it comes to their product Cryp, Crypque team want this to be presented as a mixture of exchange feature, P2P platform and cryptocurrency payment solutions. Crypque wants both users and vendors to be benefited by the broad circumference of crypto, where users have the freedom to hold the assets or liquidate it in a single tap. 

In India, the scenario of cryptocurrency is at a tough spot, where there are regulations to minimize the market capabilities along with multiple platforms for accessing the cryptocurrency space. Since there are several platforms, transaction cost and gas fees are also high. Crypque wants to limit this cost and allow the users to consider the domain optimistically and rationally, considering the potential of decentralization. 

Sidharth Shukla, the Co-Founder and CEO of Crypque Private Limited is a mechanical engineer with diverse knowledge apart from traditional applied sciences. In the past, Sidharth has worked in companies like Trade Turtles, where his key leadership roles took the company to great heights. His professional prowess includes in areas like Operations, P & L Oversight, Multi-channel technology designing and Marketing. 

Ankit Bhasin is the COO and Co-Founder of Crypque. He has about 21 years of experience in the corporate industry. He has helped multiple companies in transaction structuring for global outreach. His professional expertise have helped businesses thrive in emerging markets, by giving a crisp and efficient scaling business model. Ankit has worked in GENPACT for about 18 years as the Vice President of Human Resources. 

Some key Takeaways : 

In Crypque, his interest has steered into helping people understand and acknowledge the power of cryptocurrency and web 3.0. Ankit has a Postgraduate degree in Human Resources from XLRI and he wants to share more knowledge with us about the sustainability of the crypto market.

Abhishek Bhandari, CMO & Co-Founder, has one and only supreme goal and that is to empower people with their desirable financial independence and literacy. He is making every step needed at Crypque to strengthen the foundation of crypto and blockchain-based technology. He has studied Business Management from New Zealand and has a Post Graduation from INLEAD in the subject of Health Administration. 

He also studied a Post Graduation degree in cryptocurrency and blockchain from AMITY, Noida. Being one of the early adopters of cryptocurrency, Abhishek started his own Bitcoin mining farm in Dehradun in 2016. Abhishek’s reputation precedes himself and he has held multiple conferences, where he spoke about the usage of cryptocurrency. He has also been awarded the top cryptocurrency influencer in 2020 and the Business Mint- Most prominent Crypto & Blockchain entrepreneur of the year 2022. 

Anshit Jindal, Co-Founder & CFO, is a beacon of relationship management and communications expats. His unparalleled leadership and experience in the Automobile and Technology domain allowed him to build impeccable skills like business intelligence, organizational leadership, business planning and many more. With 12 years of experience in the industry of heavy automobile manufacturing, Anshit is the fourth pillar that completes Crypque.

Crypque Private Limited has received multiple awards like the India Trade awards 2022 organized by Asian Arab Trade Chambers of Commerce for Business Excellence in Technology Innovation, Iconic Achievers Awards 2022– Awarded as Best Emerging Blockchain, Web 3.0 and Crypto technology company of the year 2022 

Crypque says to us that government regulation of 1% TDS and 30% income tax on cryptocurrency is definitely a marked achievement for the industry’s validation which assures  the investors with a promising future. We at Business Outreach Magazine are certain of the incredible achievements that are to be presented by the team of Crypque and wish them all the best.