Collaboration is the key towards community development and societal growth. Entrepreneurs tend to portray resilience when it comes to solving the pain points of the customers. It is their problem-solving perspective that has made Bharat, the third largest country with a startup ecosystem. The editorial of Business Outreach Magazine aims to deliver stories of some of the best minds in the industry. Today, we want our avid readers to look into the stellar growth of Ravi Dimaniya, whose strategic thinking and innovation has inspired several emerging leaders. 

Ravi Dimaniya

A Brief History-

Ravi Dimaniya founded Dimaniya Mart in 2021, with the aim to empower emerging entrepreneurs in growing an ecommerce business in India. Ravi is a first-generation entrepreneur, who works hard and is committed to his job. Apart from being a self-made millionaire, Ravi Dimaniya is always in the lookout to solve any gaps in the ecommerce industry. This positive attitude has helped Ravi to counter challenges head on and innovate on revolutionary business products. He recollects the time when he was in dire need of capital to grow his business. He took some calculated risks 

Struggles and Success Stories-

While scaling Dimaniya Mart, Ravi used to spend day and night strategizing a sustainable business model. Taking ownership of work has been one of the best aspects of Ravi Dimaniya’s professional perspective. He has always embraced collaboration and clients who partnered with Dimaniya Mart have been currently under tremendous growth. As an open-source platform, businesses of any size can join the Dimaniya team for an optimistic growth. 

Ravi is focused on expanding his business in not only Tier 1 cities, but also smaller towns and villages. In just a few years, Dimaniya Mart is working with more than 1,000 clients from several states and cities in India. Most importantly, Ravi Dimaniya shares that Dimaniya Mart aims to scale further as a bootstrapped company and is currently debt free. Dimaniya Mart is also providing product sourcing under their innovative business model. 

Key Takeaways-

Some of the awards owned by Ravi Dimaniya are the International Business Icon Award 2022, Global Star Excellence Award 2023 by Bollywood artist Arpita Chakraborty and Priya Malik. Furthermore, Ravi Dimaniya was also given the Indian Business Excellence Award 2022 by Bollywood Actress Mugdha Godse. Dimaniya Mart, under the remarkable leadership of Ravi Dimaniya, fosters a community ecosystem with its distinguished clients. 

Over the years, Ravi has upskilled himself majorly and learned about product, pricing and several other aspects of business. Coming from a middle-class family in a small village in UP, Ravi Dimaniya achieved great heights of success. When we asked him about his take on growth, he said, “Don’t waste your time collecting Information only. If you want to do Something then Start it early, If you have fear of failure then start it even earlier. Then you can fail early and have the time to start again.”

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